Crosshairs: Halo: Reach, Civilization V

We civilise some spartans with a look at Halo: Reach's multiplayer beta, chat to Firaxis about what's new in Civilization V, and check out the action at the Alienware Clan Challenge 2010 Modern Warfare Finals in Sydney. Plus a prototype 3DS and a goat!

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ahhh... the goat... fc#king hilarious

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the 3ds looked a lot like a tape dispenser

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dude wheres that guys eyebrows?

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Goats FTW!

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The goat was awesome....

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@Chippa7: Oh, thanks for the info.

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@Gelugon_baat I know it's hard to believe, but the Grease game is actually real. The game's publisher hasn't released screens, video, or a box shot yet, so we improvised.

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We had a couple of goats at our farm and one of them "Bessy", bit my uncle on the nuts! He wasn't very happy.

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Australian accents=win

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Now that's a proper parent. :) Rather seem him playing games at home, rather than going boozing and doing who knows what. Gaming himself, encouraging his kid, taking an interest in the games that his sprog is playing, etc. :D Wish more of them were like that.

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Halo + leveling and unlock system is all I need; I'm buying this no doubt. Nothing prolongs a game like bars to fill with experience points!!

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Is it just me or is that guy the coolest dad ever? (not Randy, the guy at the cod event) hes proud of his son being a pro gamer, he intoduced him to gaming, and he plays games as well! i wish my dad would take an interest in gaming, i think he bought a madden game once but never actually played it, also i know that if he actually played some of the great games out there he would really enjoy it, the same goes for my mum too, but its fine because i game enough for the whole family ;D

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By the way, there's a lot more fuzz on Koz's mug! Hee-hee!

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21:30: "I am a Command & Conquer man." Middle-aged dude would spank the backsides of 13-year-olds in RTS games.

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Civilization will ALWAYS be amazing. There's no micromanagement game that is better than the Civ series.

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That Grease video game is likely a hoax.

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Civ. Looks incredible.

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Civilization is looking amazing!

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Whoa...I thought it was already settled between No Doubt and Activision (hopefully with No Doubt winning and with Courtney Love winning as well, with the Kurt Cobain thingy) I guess I don't like Activision as much but awesomed-out that the former heads of IW "moved" to EA!