Crosshairs: Borderlands, Monster Hunter, Monkey Island

In this Dan-free episode of Crosshairs, we chat with the brains behind Borderlands and Tales of Monkey Island, take a cat adventuring in Monster Hunter, recap the biggest news of the week, and more!

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Borderlands looks cool,it is cool!

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Borderlands is going to be one of the best games for my xbox especially with friends

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she is ugly what are you talking about

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shes not that hot.

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girls pretty hot..

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Borderlands... it will blow your mind.

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If i end up shooting myself, i want all you others who have suffered through Right Guard Fast Break commercials to file a class action law suit saying you too are developing suicidal tendincies.

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OK I'm on to my second 360, not because my first red ringed but because the elites where 400 buck with 4 games and I'd used 20gig.

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Couldn't have said it better 6reatNate.

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Boderlands is gonna be awsome...Its not on the border of being a good game, or a great game... Its on the border of being a game you pre-order, or a game you buy on the day it releases

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Ahhh..... it's getting VERY hard to wait for Borderlands...

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she's pretty attractive + don't put down monster hunter, those games have the best most tactical action i've ever played in a game pertaining to something like a boss fight.

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Borderlands looks awesome. Mike Neumann is a good rep for the game, he's giving us information and doesn't sound like a robot doing it.

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The guy in the middle is weird, and there is a Little Sister in the backround. I like the other game shows better.

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moar excited about rage

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Borderlands, I think will be pretty cool. I have to mention something. When gamespot AU mentioned a few months ago that the 360 has sold 512,000 units and Sony has Sold 500,000 units. Not long after we hear about Xbox 360 selling 615,000 units. I would like to know how much PS3 have sold in comparison. I think its great how Aussie's back all media and I think it shows that we just love playing games.

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Borderland, i wonder if it will be on steam?

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borderlands looks brilliant.........can't wait for it

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soooo excited about borderlands!

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borderlands is going to own

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