Creating Worlds - Risen 2: Dark Waters Making of Video

In this first episode of this making of series, developer Piranha Bytes talks about the creation of Risen 2's worlds and the inspiration behind a pirate-focused role-playing adventure.

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I hope that its everything they make it sound like. It has a great concept, and could be great.

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Thanks for making this game people. I've been waiting for YEARS for a decent pirate game. Seriously. One can only play Sid Meiers and Monkey Island so much over the span of 10-15-30 years.

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technology like laptops sure makes medieval pirating much easier these days

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That jungle is fantastic, already in Risen one i took long walks in forests where sunlight breaks through trees just beautiful, all the landscape so great. So wanna play this game :). Very good work

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can't wait til they actually show a sample gameplay of the game

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Looks way better than overrated Skyrim

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This game is gorgeous, keep it up Piranha Bytes!