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Crashing A Bloody Birthday Party In Bloodroots - PAX East 2019 Gameplay

Bloodroots is headed to PC and Nintendo Switch this summer, but you can watch Mr. Wolf tear through the forest right here, right now.

Bloodroots puts you in the boots of Mr. Wolf, a primeval hunter looking to exact bloody vengeance on a cabal of betrayers led by Mr. Black Wolf. The Hotline Miami-like action has you defeat arenas full of enemies with a series of regular and makeshift weapons, with the ever-present threat of death in a single blow. You’ll grab swords and axes to dispatch foes, as well as bludgeon them with found objects or roll on barrels to crush them underneath. Survival is hard, but chaining together attacks into a perfect combo run is even harder.

Developer Paper Cult promises that the ultraviolence is there for a purpose, and the game so far shows a surprising amount of humor. Just about everything is a weapon, including food like carrots and a full roast turkey. The enemy designs, like the boss character Mr. Boar, are given a cartoon aesthetic that shows a playfulness to juxtapose against its bloody mess.

Bloodroots is coming this summer. Check out some of the bloody good action above, and read more about the biggest games from PAX East 2019.