Could We Build Columbia From BioShock Infinite? - Reality Check

Brought to you by BioShock: The Collection. Lucy ponders whether we could build a city in the sky without breaking the bank. Spoilers: you can't.

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Yay, show is alive!

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Welcome back, Lucy.

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This reminds me of why some of us love videogames. We can pretend to do stuff we will never be able to do in real life.

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Answer: NO. The end.

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it would be better to build a city floating with a grativy field, although we still don't have the tech for it, but some of the newest train move floating 1mm above the rail so it's doable if fully researched (=

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They can build it out of that floating copper in No Mans Sky

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are you crazy? rapture

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sure, its easy. its just like building the death star.

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Some good maths and science there, Lucy. I guess the only feasible solution would be the mastery of gravity. Going down an avenue you mentioned, quantum physics still hasn't found the answer to a complete understanding of gravity so if we can solve that 'little' conundrum (sorry!) then floating platforms etc could be a possibility.

Great to have you back producing vids again, keep them coming.