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Control: The Foundation DLC - Shape Ability Gameplay

In this video, we take a look at the new "Shape" ability added in Control's first major expansion, The Foundation.

The second of Control's three planned expansions, The Foundation, sends Bureau of Control director Jesse Faden to explore the depths beneath the shifting, supernatural building known as the Oldest House. Beneath the structure is a twisting cave system where Jesse has to solve a new problem. The Hiss have invaded the area, and because of damage to an artifact known as the Nail, the Astral Plane is slowly bleeding into the Foundation, threatening to destroy both dimensions.

In practical terms, that means Jesse has to explore the area, shoot some Hiss monsters, and do some strange rituals. The Foundation sports a new kind of Hiss enemy, known as the Hiss Sharpened, to make things dificult. These speedy melee fighters are quick to dodge attacks and like to teleport behind you to ambush you, but they're just as deadly at range, throwing their pickaxes to knock out out of the air. Check out the video above to see what dangers you'll face as you investigate The Foundation, and the new ways you can deal with them.

Aiding Jesse are two new abilities that are specific to the Foundation itself: Shape and Fracture. Throughout the caves of the Foundation are crystal formations that can grow to block your path or create platforms that let you reach new areas. The Shape ability lets you draw crystals out of the wall and floor on your own, including traps of jagged crystals that can shred enemies. Meanwhile, the Fracture ability lets you use the Service Weapon to destroy crystals, including those spread over gaps and chasms, dropping your enemies to their deaths.

Both Fracture and Shape push you to be more aware of your environment as you fight through The Foundation DLC, offering new opportunities to deal with the lethal threats you'll encounter.