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great game

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It might appear lame, but it's very very good! With good graphics, and really challenging campaign that will really get you hooked.

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Not a spectator game.

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This game is a BLAST!!! Don't let the video fool you, it's AWESOME! Their is a similiar game on the MyTouch phone which you can DL, VERY SIMILIAR. It's nice to know PSN puts out some $ worthy games. I highly suggest this game!!!

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Really, guys? You haven't even played it. My friend and I were playing this co-op for 3 straight hours yesterday and it's still not old. This video is an easy difficulty very early in the game.

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ughhh ... ! Seriously .... Is That Game .... I Mean .. I can't Believe Its for PS3 Its Just a Mini Flash Online Game ... Totally That's What I Said ... Sorry Guys ... I Just Check the game And I Am So Shocked to see the SCORES !!!!

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This game is similar to desktop tower defence .

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Wow, looks twice as fun as minesweeper.

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This game looks like it gets old fast. I might need to play a demo or something for this game, it might change my mind on it.

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I believe this is quite an update from StarCraft's sunken d and tower d games. May be worth getting.

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wow, this may be the worst game iv ever seen.....

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none of the single player stacks up against a 4 player free for all in this game :D it's crazy with all the lasers set up, and all of you rushing to grab the asteroids for income first ^^

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what is this -_-!

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I play these games all the time at work during lunch and when bored.

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it may look a tad on the uneventful side, but these games get ADDICTIVE. its suprising how much time u can sink into a game like this. would be better on a portable like the PSP tho.

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many many people play tower defense games, i for one think they are great lil competitive games that can be used to kill loads of time!

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are you serious it's sux EVEN kids do't play such these games nowadays !!!!!