Combat Arms Super Soldiers Mode Gameplay Movie

We get a look at some official gameplay in this video of the Super Soldiers mode in Combat Arms.

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    is this from 1999 ? i mean summer of 1999 ?

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    Oh my god, that just looks like sh*t

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    the game is fun

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    I use to play the crap outa this game. Never once hacked, but got accused of hacking at least a few hundred times.

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    hackers ruin games...period

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    this game is very fun to play if your bored.... i seldom play this game, i love it when people call me a hacker.... i don't even know how to hack.

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    no hackers is good and help u anderstand that u are a noob!!!! =)

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    played this game since beta but stopped playing after the new GUI interface came out, don't know why really i think i was just disappointed in the new look and no supporting native higher screen resolutions.

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    I use play this game till i got tf2. the best part was every body accused other of hackers and got mad and it was funny to see people complain. I don't know about any one else but would be a hacker if I new how to

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    the only problem with this game is theres too many hackers. Hackers are cowards who have no skill and are scared to play people that actually take the time to play the game right. What fun is a game without the challenge?

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    i used to like this game but there's a lot of hackers... pisses me off... :(

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    If I recall, Nexon is a South Korean company that partnered with Valve to produce Counter-Strike Online. Looks like the company hasn't really made many strides in graphics there.

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