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COD Warzone Nuke Event: The End of Verdansk

After over a month of waiting, the Warzone's zombies have finally taken over. Join Richie as he plays through the event to find out the fate of Verdansk.

For more than a month, Zombies have infected Warzone's Verdansk map. Recent blog posts from Activision indicate that all hope is lost and that it's the end of Verdansk as we know it. To find out what's happening, Richie is here to play through the event to find out the fate of Warzone's premiere map.

Beginning in Season 2, the mysterious Vodianoy ship made its way from Rebirth Island to Verdansk. Players in the gulag area began hearing a haunting message from the doomed ship's captain, Rosental. Turns out his ship was infested with zombies and toxic Nova 6 gas. Little by little throughout season 2, zombies began to infect Verdansk. From the gulag to the dam, the infection rate rose from 5%-100%. Players were able to interact with the undead and receive rewards for killing hoards throughout numerous locations.

Recently zombies started to leave behind plague zones that could turn players into zombies themselves. While this was building to something larger, the experience was panned for its slow pace and confusing marketing. Today, we put our theories to rest and find out what's really going to happen to Verdasnk and if it will finally get nuked.