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I read that it will be like etrain Odyssey where you go in a dungeon and cant see yourself, but this one sounds more interesting with more classes and who knows whats gonna happen. p.s. i like the music.

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Another Etrian Odyssey for psp i sooo wish it was on DS now but I will manage with it on psp.

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looks like a crappy game to me,even the ad is lousy...

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minds me of mana khemia

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CLASS OF HEROES!!! well.. atleast i got THAT MUCH out of it... and bleeding ears, thank you shi**y game!!! i hope you die in your own failures!!! or atleast drown.

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that was really informative *sarcasm

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No gameplay Japanese trailers are useless...

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not bad, I think

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Looks good, but I want to see gameplay video.

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Well that explained almost nothing...besides game races I mean.

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that looks cool you get to choose a class its like some game ive played :D

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In overall I hate teasers so I didn't liked it :P. On screens it looks like "Say hello to PSP version of Wizardy". But who knows it might be fun.

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Pretty much interesting. I want some more information!!

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I like the wide variety of races or classes but they all look the same just with different colored hair. I wait and see what it will develop into before i dive head first, but its looks like it has potential.

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I hope this is like SummonNight. =)

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Oh wow this looks very cool! But as the past gaming world has showed us it can be disapointing. But this looks awsome we need a gameplay video from this one.

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Hmm, need more info on this one. 8)

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Well, that was very enlightening!