Civilization V: Brave New World - Launch Trailer

Sid Meier's Civilization V's second expansion, Brave New World, introduces nine new civilizations, international trade, and victory through cultural dominance.

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good games :*

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lol gamespot, no matter how hard you try, there are some games (and good clients of yours) that will just never reach the below 9.0 mark.

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Capt.Anderson narrates :D

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In the trailer is that the voice whom played Cap David Anderson in the Mass Effect Series? at least sounds like him.

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Looks good. Already preordered it. :)

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that sounds like keith davids

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so when is this coming to consoles?

i enjoyed the single player camp in civ rev

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@LoganWesker I think the real answer is, who cares? #PC

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@LoganWesker Civ Rev while it was good is nothing like real civ dude.

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I'll probably buy Civ 5 when they release a complete edition. Since Civ 2, I haven't enjoyed Sid Meier's Civ games, with the exception of Civilization Revolution (CR). CR was a little simple, but it streamlined all those dull, boring micromanagement tasks and brought fun back to the equation. The specialties of each nation seemed to require you to use different playstyles to be successful.

Civ 3 was ruined by the crucial need for resources, which invariably you never had in the latter game and the crushing corruption that prevented you from holding onto cities far from your capital. Civ 4 seemed way too unbalanced in favor of the computer to me. Even on medium/low settings, I never seemed to get ahead of the computer curve. They outbuilt and outnumbered me. There was undoubtedly something wrong with my playstyle...but it just didn't hold my interest like CR, so I never really cared to learn the way to win it.

Is Civ 5 worth getting or is it more of an extension of Civ 4, with hex maps and unit limits?

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@Suaron_x civ 5 is amazing. The biggest problem it has is it's just too fun. You will lose huge chunks of hours that feels like it was only minutes lol.

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@ElDuderino1 I disagree. Civ 5 is too watered down and simple for my tastes compared to previous Civ games. I think Civ 2 and Civ 4 are the best in the series so far.

Although Civ 5 hex map is a massive improvement over square tiles and the one unit per tile does make combat more tactical if a little restrictive.

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This Expansion looks great.

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PETERAKO that.....Keith Davids?!?!?!? OoO'

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oh its just an expansion..... moving on

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@brainiac1988 What did you think it was?

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@SJGSpook I thought it was the next Civ. Already played 5 a lot.

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@brainiac1988 what do you mean just an expansion? is it just an expansion even if its good?

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@PETERAKO a good expansion = still an expansion

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I really hope this guy is replacing Morgan Sheppard as the Tech narrator, I like Morgan Sheppard but I hate his voice in Civ 5, he needs to clear his throat and speak up a bit. I highly doubt they are replacing him but I can hope. Leonard Nimoy was much better and gave the quotes more significance imo.

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@St0Ne4Ge Keith David has a sexy deep voice.

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This is really impressive.

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Is that the voice of Keith David narrating?

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@MAD_AI yes

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@eol_is @MAD_AI Knew it it was him he played a good role as Anderson.