CHRISTMAS IS FOR BOARD GAMES - Let's Play Monopoly on Tabletop Simulator

Christmas is a time for peace, goodwill and board games. And to celebrate that, Lucy, Dave, Tamoor and Oscar are playing Monopoly - a board game with absolutely no peace or goodwill.

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This is such an awful adaptation of the board game. Why do players need to manually pick out cards and money notes?

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Monopoly is the Superman 64 of board games XD

Also if someone doesn't buy a street, it is 'supposed' to go on auction for all the other players XD
And if you wanna play high strats, you'll try to put yourself in jail and stay there in the second half of the game so that you don't end up on property of other players. You can still bid on auctions and such while in jail.

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I wish they would revamp the Star Wars Monopoly video game. It was so much fun.

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There's been such a great revolution in board gaming. We're pretty much in a renaissance, such that some of the best games ever invented, have been invented in recent years. And yet, of all of the superb games out there, you chose to play... Monopoly??? Really???

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Less game more Lucy.

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This game controls like garbage.