Celebrating 16 Years of Devil May Cry

The fun hack and slash combo filled action game Devil May Cry turned 16 recently so we dive back into an old school classic.

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Devil May Cry 5 soon i hope

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I want Devil May Cry 5 (not counting the DMC from Crapcom/Ninja Theory), didn't dislike the game but didn't like it enough. DMC1 and 3 are my fav but Dante's Look of DMC2 is the best in my opinion though.

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The reason why I became a gamer is devilmaycryyyy

Ps dmc1 and 3 are the best in my humble opinion.

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I remember renting the first one from Blockbuster, and loving it so much that I bought it with my very first paycheck from my very first job, even though I was literally at the final boss. Such a great game. I stayed up so many nights trying to beat all the secret missions and exploring every inch of the castle. Has it really been 16 years already? Holy shit!

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16 years?! Damn, I feel old. One of my favorite games