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Catch Three New Legendaries In The Wild in Pokémon Go - GS News Update

Three New Legendaries are now available in Pokémon Go and instead of catching them in Raids, you can catch them in the Wild

Three new Legendaries, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie, are now appearing around the world in the wild rather than in Raids. Each Legendary is currently only available in a specific part of the world. It seems Azelf is only appearing in America, Mesprit is available in Europe, and Uxie is spawning in Japan. On top of that, Groundon has returned to the game for a limited time as one of Pokemon Go's Earth Day bonuses. Joining Groudon is Shiny Diglett, which is appearing in the game for the first time. These bonuses are only live until May 2 so be sure to catch them as soon as possible.

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