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Castlevania Requiem Won't Have Original Voices For Symphony Of The Night Or Rondo Of Blood - GS News Update

Castlevania Requiem is set to bring two classics to the PS4, but Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood won't come bearing their original VO or dialogue.

Castlevania Requiem bundles two of the series' most beloved games, but it won't include the original voice acting or dialogue for either. Rondo of Blood originally released in Japan for the PC Engine CD, but instead of the Japanese voice work, Requiem will use the English VO created for Dracula X Chronicles, which released in English-speaking regions on the PSP. Symphony of the Night, on the other hand, was originally released in English on the PS1, but it too will use the redone English VO that appeared in Dracula X Chronicles. That means you won't hear the iconic "What is a man?" line among many others.

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