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@Rynx2761 READ OVER...I never said nothing like that you ASS...Now read this good... i am saying SOTN now has another CastleVania that may be good as it was...an as for old school,old as in CastleVania in general

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@timisdeath dude that is not alucard!!! if you really were a fan you would know this....NEWB!!!!!

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I'm so happy to see an old school come back the right way...SOTN may have a new castlevania to stand tall next too...I really think Kojima brought a movie feeling to it...this will be a first day buy

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i feel like this game is getting the hype it deserves. It look great.

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@chang_1910 yeah but seemed like if they were going to put alucard even if it was another game that was put on hold not everyone knew that they left it on hold so when the released the news about lords of shadow it kind of poped like if it was still alucard other the other hand.....how could castlevania rip off god of war castlevania came out in the 80's.....god of war in the 2000's .....so 20 years in gap mostly and castlevania broke the the ice on games like devil may cry and god of war....just though id say so

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I go between thinking this is going to be worse than Dante's Inferno (not easy to do) or TOTALLY Kojim-awesome. Based on the latest TGS Japanese trailer, I'm banking on greatness. Edit: I should say "more soulless" than Dante's Inferno, as there was nothing particularly bad about that game--just nothing great either. On topic, don't fail me, Kojima-san.

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Im probably going to get a lot of thumbs down for this.. But the gameplay looks way outdated.

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CV evolve after metroid suceed basing it formula on that game, now CV is basing it formula in games like GoW... the developers would produce what the fans want, it call demand. The game looks amazing and can give CV fans a new timeline... and finally the suceed in 3D games... @13ALUCARD13: no, sorry, it has never being alucard. The teaser of E3 2008 that show him was a different game that was going/is being design by IGA. For all we know now that game is either cancel or on hold. @Mon6ana: is a good though, but if so don`t you think that the producers would ahve make GS stop spoiling their surprise. That said I really really doubt it. GS is just NO GETTING THEIR act together...

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guys.. dont u think that this guys MIGHT be Alucard ?! I know how Alucard looks, but maybe and I say MAYBE Konami wanted to surprise all of Castlevania's fans and put Alucard in human form.. maybe the story of this game tells that Alucard found a cure for his vampiric blood and now become a human.. I'm saying maybe.. lets wait and see

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God Gamespot, this is not Alucard... It's a new Belmont, Alucard is Dracula's son.

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OMG castlevania never copied anything.. castlevania was there since 1986 kids besides when i saw God of War i was like devil may cry?........... castlevania>>>>devil may cry>>>>>>GOD of WAr>>>>>>> rip offs!!

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Alucard ??? I thought he was Gabriel Belmont...

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God of war much????

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the first and second gameplay trailers are exactly the same.

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Agree with Chiyo18

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who at gamespot writes for these trailers and other castlevania bits!? it's not alucard, idiots! and how is it you managed to mispell his name? there's no 's' at the end! get with it, gamespot! anyway, this game is going to be so frickin' awesome. castlevania is great! :D

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wonder if they will bring alucard back?

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this isnt alucard its gabriel belmont .....tho at first it was supposed to be alucard

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hmmm might become better than god of war... if you get to play as alucard.. thatt be awesome

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Alucard? Stop pulling my leg, Gamespot!

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I bought Lament of Innocence yesterday =) I can't wait for this one, the gameplay looks great but anyone saw the story trailer?? it looks fantastic, please tell me there are still people that care about plots

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i really hope a demo is released sometime soon before the game comes out,feels ive been waiting forever and after i saw that amazing trailer my impatiences grows. and look says alucard...again..someone is really dedicated to the idea lol

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Whole new step for Castlevania, but nevertheless still looks amazing. This gameplay is like 4 months old now lol

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dis game finna look sick on my hd tv.

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this one will be a bag

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Love this game already! I can't wait anymore :D

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OMG.... can't wait.... must have it

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I love the Castlevania series and the God of War trilogy, so a God-of-War-style Castlevania is bound to be made of pure win, IMHO. Also, I know they're both really handsome and all, but Alucard is, y'know, the son of Dracula. Not a Belmont at all. When in doubt... *drops voice into a whisper* he's the white-blond. *wink* Is Alucard even in this game at all? *wonders*

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Stop calling Gabriel Alucard -.-

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Doesn't look much like Castlevania, but what the heck, I'm still getting it because it does look great. Just hope it takes a turn for the gothic and blood-drenched style of the past.

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Castlevania: God of War. But, it could be good.