Captain Marvel Eyeing Massive Opening That Could Be On Par With Wonder Woman - GameSpot Universe News Update

Captain Marvel is set to have a huge opening.

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Im just going to do what everyone should with this movie, not watch it and look online for the leaked scenes that hint to the next Avengers. why waste the money on a shit movie about a pointless comicbook character.

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I’m going to do what Larson & obviously Marvel/Disney want straight white men to do, because they’ve said & done nothing to curb Larson’s hateful, misandrist bigotry & not buy a ticket so that I can leave space for women of color to see the movie. If this is how Marvel/Disney treats their core fan base & allows a hate filled bigot to rant about how she doesn’t care about what white males have to say or what they think & that Captain Marvel is a love letter to women of color so white men can go to hell they can have their shitty movie. The atrocious thing here is that sites like Gamespot who’ve decided to stop focusing on games & waste more time on non gaming garbage haven’t called out her misandristic & bigoted bullshit. I’m done with Marvel & if Stan was still alive he’d be disgusted with Brie Larson, her repugnant character & Marvel/Disney’s refusal to tell her to shut the fvck up. It’s a small mercy he’s no longer around to see what these parasites have turned his legacy into. Insert Shame Nun bell ringing & chanting here.

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I have to disagree. Larson has made it obvious that she doesn't want actual comic fans to watch the movie... or even review it or interview the cast. Besides that: the previews I've seen just make larson's character look like an unemotional piece of PC meat. Twilight anyone?

It is going to bomb as far as I can see.

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The hilarious thing is that her ass is so flat that Marvel had a casting call to do reshoots for an ass stand in. Larson will rant about the evils of white men but says nothing about having to have her own non existent ass replaced in every shot it appears in in the movie.

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@CrouchingWeasel: 😂😂😂 I'm done! My day is now complete! 😂😂😂