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Man the BF3 and CoD fanboys are so pathetic! Play the game you want; the rest no one gives a s***t. I'm gonna have a blast with both of them.

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The CoD XP tournament is already finished :'( Lol..The black carpet..I wish i were friends with Xzibit on COD:(

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Yea nice to meet chu to man yoooLoh! ooO Loh you've had a very illustrious career. hahahaha

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yo dawg I heard you like call of duty

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x to the z!

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OH look, MW3 is everywhere here on Gamespot. Activision must have bought this website! And even after that HUGE amount of money spent on marketing, BF3 will be the best game! Pathetic !

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Xzibit please, please pimp my ride!

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Homer's ability to interview someone like Xzibit with so much ease is an amazing superpower of his. Outstanding as always.

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This was freekin' awesome. Unreal.