Call of Duty: WW2 Reveals ‘Divisions’; Tekken 7 Update! - GS News Roundup

Injustice 2 is getting a brand new character, and EA reveal the games that they’ll be talking about in their E3 Press Conference!

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Stuck helmet was best part. Brilliant.

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Jess is looking foxy (pun intended) today.

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Next week Ubisoft will accidentally leak the game to stores nation wide. "God DAMN it Greg! You had one job!"

Dan, just embrace the Megaman, the helmet has chosen YOU. Or just use the badly designed button. Or lube, that would probably work too... Megaman!

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I own several steel books but do I use them? No. They look nice, that's all. My last steel book was with Dead Island 2 but I am proud of my ME3 steel book. Big fan of the series.

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I'll leave this here.