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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I'm getting it just because of this

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who really cares about a bullsh.t like BF, in comparison with COD.

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SolidBALLz go to a bf3 video like beyondbelief15 said

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cant wait to have a go on this with a mate... 'no f*** off my care package!'

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MW3 doesnt need to copy anything from BF3

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Their trying to pull a BF3 with the music, sorry, you can't MW3....

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i am so sick of ppl commenting about bf3. if u want to boast about bf3 than do it on a bf3 video because mw3 fans dont want to hear it. if u aren't even going to get this game, why are you watching this video? i am going to get both games and think that they will be a lot of fun. so if u want bf3 then comment on that awesome new trailer that just came out for it instead of bashing this one

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you know what ppl all you mw3 haters have been sayin is that this is just an upgraded version of the original mw's. but what do you ppl expect? isnt that what a sequel is; mostly the same type of gammeplay with some new content? a lot of you ppl are sayin to add something new, but they are! others say to make something different but i know if you ppl get what you want; a new call of duty than you would hate it even more. just givin u ppl a piece of my mind. you cant say add something new because they are, you cant say make it differnt bbecause nobody would like it, and you cant say keep it the same becuz that would be boring

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@bleedgreen2-1-5 there is an FPS like that mate, it's called Counter Strike v1.6 - the only real competitive fps worth playing.

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This and Battlefield 3 both look like a lot of fun.

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Too bad online will be overpopulated with campers, and the hit detection will probably suck again too. I dont know I had MW2 for about a year and it was somewhat fun and playable, Black Ops is complete garbage and I regret buying it. So chances are I'm probably not gonna get this. I just wish there was a FPS that had no perks or killstreaks, just me versus you with a gun and whoever is better will win. Seems like the COD series is alienating people who have skill by putting in perks like ghost, last stand and commando. This looks cool but I'm gonna have to play this one before I buy it unlike Black Ops

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this made me lol irl

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THUMBS UP FOR mw3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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madgame23 you hit it right on the nail dude. both the battlefield and the call of duty franchises have great quallities to them. they both have great games and are each fun to play. i get really aggravated with all these lames always complaining about how one is better than the other. how call of duty sucks or battlefield sucks. this genre rivalry is soo stupid. they are both great games. if u dont like one then dont play it. dont be a lame always complaining or talking stuff about how the other game sucks just cus you dont wanna play it.

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BEST GAME in Special Ops ;)

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I've been a fan of COD because there is limited vehicle action in game. True, all vehicle action has been killstreak activated. I believe that a front line infantry soldier in a position or skill doesn't have the skill to both fly a plane, tank or helicopter. They are not all Rambo or Schwartzeneger. I find it unrealistic that a soldier can do all these things. Granted, vehicles like humvees and APC's should be utilized, but tanks and helis, and planes should be utilized as support options called in as reward like options. Battlefield and COD are totally different types of combat games. Each excels at what it does best. I personally like both BF3 and MW3, as long as they both dont get bogged down by what made the predecessors crappy games.

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@WIGASInDaHouse lul are is ?lol

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But will there be quick scoping

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Call of duty is doing what it does best... Stop comparing it to Battlefield 3, I can agree that BF3 will be a great game, but some guys like me still like the COD series and will still continue playing it. :)

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battlefield 3 will be the greatest game ever made in the history of videogames, it will be a step forward for mankind...

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MW 3 will be the greatest game ever made in the history of videogames, it will be a step forward for mankind...

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BF3 has server browser on consoles. That alone owns MW3.

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wtf mw2 graphics gayy. cant wait for bf3 the grahpics are is sick and so is the gameplay

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That game mode is gunna be soo sick!

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modern warfare 3 will be the greatest game ever made in the history of videogames, it will be a step forward for mankind...

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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looks more updated then the last on. Interesting

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Bringin' back the G36C!!!!!!

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is it 4 player coop its so much fun that way

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we can not compare mw3 to bf3 they are Different

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they really didnt change much....

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wow so that's co-op looks awesome they changed a lot on the co-op looks kind of like fire fight from halo

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i am 40 half of my friends are older than me the other half are way younger and we play cod in two ways, when my of age buddies roll we get very tactical and the chatter is kept to a minimum when the youngsters are on board we chat and crack jokes and laugh about the kills and fun fun fun. did you see that ect... ect.... when i go to play battlefield no one invites me to a party for either purpose and everyone is partied up. hard to get tactical that way and really hard to have fun. one gamer opened his mic for me in six months of playing bfbad company 2 which ported to the xbox looked like crap by the way. so i love call of duty for a lot of reasons the most important one it's really really fun! the people over all are fun! and when i pay 60 bucks for something i want to have FUN! don't you? i am foamiing green stuff from the space rabies so i will go now. woof!

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@rastella03 I guess i was correct in my first assumption of you just being plain dumb. Glad we got that worked out =)

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This looks really good. I keep seeing comments about BF 3 and it seems people are really interested in that game but to me it seems a little too different to compare to the MW series. At least in my opinion there is a difference between a 1st person shooter with deathmatch and such, and a battlefield simulator. Where one focuses on the individual and lightly on teamwork, while the other focuses very heavy on teamwork and lightly on the individual. It just seems like comparing Chess and Checkers. So if you're stoked about BF 3 that's cool, but you're wasting everyone's time commenting about it here.

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@kasmo-khan, im all for a good debate if thats what you want, i checked out that survey study and heres the problem with it, its not specifically directed towards any one console, its looking at ALL forms of games not just xbox and ps3, meaning computer games such as farmville and iphone games like angry birds are also figuring into your average, im specifically talking about the average age of ps3 and xbox 360, here are some other averages of your source...."the average game buyer is 41 years old"...doubt it..."42 % OF GAMERS ARE WOMEN" hahaha yeah ok.... "Adult women represent a greater portion of the game-playing population (37 percent) than boys age 17 or younger (13 percent)"... obviously these stats arnt based on ps3 or xbox 360

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@rastella03, not sure if you're dumb or just acting like it, but the average game player today is 37 years old.(according to the ESA) If you want to cry about BF3 like an immature brat, do it somewhere else please =)

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The delta force and riot shield squads look cool, but BF3 will still kick this games arse

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battelefield 3 is lookin better

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as survival style gameplay goes this to me seems to most frantic and varied. suicide dogs and chemical weapons seem like a good way to change it up, this already looks way better than black ops. treyarch should take a look at this video, see how it should be done.

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Haters gonna hate

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battlefield 3 is the real game guys !!!

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cod6 + new maps and weapons = cod8

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its seem to me that all of you posting this comments are 12 or less... poor kids...

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, if anything you guys should all be pissed off that activision is ripping you off again charging you 60 bucks for a short new campaign that most kids probably dont even finish and a new multiplayer map pack, i just feel bad for all of you