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i like cod don``t like activision

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Hey guys, I was in the CoD hateclub and thought MW3 was like MW2 until I saw this. It doesn't look like MW2 (wich was horrible), IT LOOKS JUST LIKE COD4, wich for me is the best game in the world. Look, it now has recoil again and weapong waving as you move, just like Cod4 did and MW2 didn't. I'm not rethinking.... I might get it... Looks actually rather cool. But BF3 is a definite buy and still better lol.

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Does it look fun? Sure it does. It also looks like it could have been a $10 MW2 DLC that added a survival mode to the game. I was lucky enough to participate in the BF3 alpha a few weeks back and just the alpha build was enough to completely convince me that while MW3 is most definitly going to be a fun game to play and whenever I do find an opportunity to check it out I most definitly will, BF3 is one of those games that very well may redefine the FPS genre. I seriously wish everyone got to check out the alpha because it was just... wow haha. As controversial as it is, there is a reason BF3 doesn't support DX9. It's the more gorgeous game i've ever seen and it was only in alpha stages lol.Not to mention polished, smooth, and omg f***ing fun. Hopefully everyone gets what I mean when the beta comes out :-)

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this looks like a renter for me

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Actually looks like they've included some nice features but alas, Battlefield 3 will be getting my $60 this year.

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@morits1982 : still living in the past! Dont you see, it doesn't matter what console you own! starting this "my playstation is better than Xbox is kinda old", consider knowing all those squeaky kids will be the only ones playing COD leaves the rest of society to move on is win win for everyone else!

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CoD just doesn't has that freshness that it had in CoD1 and the original Modern Warfare! Now every time they release a new one it just feels like they are just trying to milk it! All the content they are releasing feels like it should be on a update/DLC!

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XBOX still looks like s**t, but when that only what you can afford then it will have to do....

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I used to like the COD series but they just aint trying anymore! This is just the exact same as the last two! Roll on Battlefield and Skyrim and goodbye social life as we know it :)

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Looks 99% similar to MW2, near carbon copy. Anyone who buys this instead of BF3... for shame...

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A shooter made for kids...

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Honestly, this has virtually nothing on Horde 2.0

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Is this really MW3? I don't see the difference, apart from the video actually claiming it's MW3... oh, it really is MW3, is it? I'm happy I pre-ordered BF3! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL: << LINK REMOVED >>

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I'm sorry, but I don't think this looks good. I can't believe it sells so much...It's like a Michael Bay movie.

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This all looks pretty familiar...they just put some more sprinkles on the cake...

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My friend just called me yesterday to tell me hes gonna get mw3 instead of bf3 just cause of survival mode.. i felt like slapping him on the face

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I want it right now !

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Exploding attack dogs...PETA where you at?

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I'm sorry, I know its not a new idea but Its still badass! :)

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This looks no better or improved than the last two MW games.

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Survival, Horde Mode, Firefight, Last Man Standing, whatever you want to call it... it's not new.

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im totally buying it

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big time late

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Looks like Horde Mode 2.0. Still looks interesting, I'll give it that.

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Super excited, inb4 hate?

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A bit late GameSpot? Bless ya