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@staffanovic i have played MW2, black ops, battlefield 2 and battlefield bad company 2 and like them all they strong side and bad side, the point is that they are all good in they own way. Personally i prefer older FPS games since they have bettter singelplayer

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@Staffanovic - i like the MW's but BF with crappy graphics?...you gotta be trolling.

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People, understand you can get BOTH games. Or you can buy one, rent the other, which is what I'm doing. There are other options other than complaining.

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@Overlord93 Repetition is boring. Repetition is boring. Repetition is boring. Repetition is boring. Repetition is boring. Repetition is boring. Get the point?

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Why do battlefield 3 fanboys feel compelled to post negative post on MW3 page. Comparing both games is silly because they both play very different. One is more strategy and team work, while the other focus on fast pace action. Plus MW3 you don't need to depend on a grenade launcher as a primary weapon source.

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So the enemies have attack dogs that carry explosives? Those must be some really brave dogs in 1:14 on this video

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inb4 hundreds of people coming onto a CoD vid just to talk about how it sucks and how much better battlefi- Oh wait, too late. I mean, I'm not an fps guy, but it doesn't look bad at all. It may be the same, but have you guys never heard the phrase "If it aint broke, don't fix it"?

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@CrossFire312 The ACR is a fully-modular Remington Adaptive Combat Rifle (Also created with the help from Magpul and Bushmaster). The ACR can change calibers from 5.56x45mm to 6.8x43mm (6.8 mm Remington Special Purpose Cartridge). The 6.8 is heavier than the 5.56 and more accurate than the 7.62x39mm (AK47 caliber for example).

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i dont understand how people just throw away their money every year for the same game with minor updates. If only most of those teenage gamers from CoD would do some research on their games so they can see its exactly like the last one before it

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You've got to look further than the game engine physics to see what's new that they've added into this game. It looks good, alot more added than from Mw2, so stop hating haters.

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I wish MW games had better weapon sounds, that's one of the things that really turns me off. I will be honest, I prefer Battlefield games due to the physics, but I will probably play this game if they make look like more of COD4.

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yes it stels lokking like mwf2 . i hate kill strikes

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Killing real people is a lot more fun than killing zombies

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If it wasn't for the whole World War 3 idea and the fact that I love Soap and Captain Price, I wouldn't buy it :/

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Hope it becomes as good as MW2.

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I'll be honest with the Call of Duty fans. I'll probably like Battlefield 3 more than this. But, I said that I wouldn't buy another game after black ops because that game sucked. But after seing this game mode, I will definately give this game a shot and most likely buy it.

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It's just a matter of time before COD falls off it's high horse, and that time is coming soon.

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@equilibrio The real shame is that gamers still buying millions of copies of any box titled Call of Duty. Why would IW make anything new? So they'll sell the same game for the 3rd time... problem? You get disrespect for your money.

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Dont think this money feature will be great. guns for money ?

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i know it looks identical to MW:2 ..yet i still want this for some reason.... >__>

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looks fantastic will get it but its almost same as the last sops split screen will be great

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wow looks identical to MW2 how can this excite anyone it looks like the same garbage

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so....what is the difference with the previus games?...really a shame taht companys dont care about what the players wants and not triying to make a new thing for us... My money will be going for BF3 not huge fun but seems a litte more good than MW

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It looks great, but MAKE SURE YOU GUYS COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR MICS!! I will be pissed off if its like COD Zombies were nobody talks.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Looks fun but should support 4 player co-op

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Looks pretty good to me. MW3 survival mode really is different than anything in previous Call of Duty games, although it will be similar to a few MW2 spec ops missions. But it definitely does not look like a zombies rip-off.

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thats for wii???? nice!

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To be fair right.. and to be completely honest.. and even though it does look IDENTICAL to the last two MW's... It does still look fun. Split screen would be a blast :)

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@i_vitali No mate, it seems to be 360 footage (look at the button prompts).

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@ boags24, I'm having the same issue. I can't tell who's being sarcastic and who isn't.

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How is this different than MW1 or 2? You could do pretty much the same thing on modded servers in MW1. Not wasting cash on the same game again, sorry.

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What is an ACR 6.8? I hope it has more power than the old ACR.

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damn this section is for those actually interested in the game and not for those who want to hate on it. If you dont want it then suck it up. Dont get it. Nobody needs your hate comments. BTW I like em both

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it is just a re hash of the zombies except they fight back whats the point of that. Isn't that what the single player campaign is supposed to be???? Get a grip Activision. Drop it back a year and develop it.

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Is this Wii in-game?

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This is absolutely amazing news. I love being able to call in troops and deploy sentries when playing a survival game. This game just became the #1 on my to get list!

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This is basically Nazi Zombies, but they can shoot back... >:(

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@ WMDA ahhh no. I haven't played a COD game since the original MW. perhaps i'm missing out perhaps I'm not. Having not played any COD since MW my comments probably don't hold much water but it looks like the same crap every release be it activision or Treyach. I'll give you the big tip I wont be buying this come hell or high water.

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@COLDFIRE25 three years of red ring of death proved to me that the XBOX is s**t and compared to any decent computer the XBOX can't compete against. That's why XBOX is s**it. Now if it's all you can afford then it will work. Just my opinion no need to get offended.

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Really, with all these posts on COD beong the best, I can't tell which ones are trolls, and which ones are legit :/

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quite sad

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If this mode is 4 player then its a must get since me and my mates are survival fanatics :P

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why not zombie mode instead of this?

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@wdma oh i think ill easily resist the dark temptations of COD

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AMAZING!! definitely first day purchase :) and to those who claim that the game is bad or awful, YOU ARE PHONY. once the game hit the store you will not resist not to try it coz this is CALL OF DUTY and you will LIKE it :D

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this look horrible... like a bad ripoff of BLOPS zombies