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all just complain .. I think both games will be really good in different ways I intend to buy both, MW3 for PS3 and bf3 to PC

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I dont understand why only battlefeild fans come to rant about this game. im getting both because they both look good thats all there is to it and it seems fun.

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haha "rude"

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Well im just asking... not trying to be ride... cause if your foreign then heck, your doing better than me cause all I know is English... but if your too young to make barley literate sentences... no offense but this game maaay be a bit to much for you, once again just asking

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@sara2099 Nice spelling. Let me guess, you played Call of Duty too much.

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sara2099... I sincerly am not trying to be rude but are you foreign...or really young

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i'm not care if it is Copy or isn't and i'm not care if it is look like MW2 i'm not care if BF3 is better or NOT and i'm not care if no one will play it i like this game, i think it's a good game so i will buy it and play it

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Nice copying Bad Company 2's onslaught mode Activision. What an original idea. @ kolar63 Average Points Difference: 0.271429 Points Average Points Winner: Call of Duty Highest Points Difference: 0.3 Points Highest Points Winner: Battlefield 3 Lowest Points Difference: 0.5 Points Lowest Points Difference: Call of Duty Call of Duty's Awards: * Overall Best * **** makes **** look like **** Battlefield's Awards: * Most Potential

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@nrdys Well, it reminds me of surviving zombies in Black Ops... weird isn't it?

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@kolar63 I hope Gamespot and the rest of the world have finally seen the << LINK REMOVED >>.

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wow...my love S.O... oh i can't wait

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Ya this is such a copy of mw2 (sarcastic) but i don't think mw2 had survival mode..... wow bf3 fans....

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Gamespot scores Call Of Duty = 9.0 Call Of Duty 2 = 8.8 Call Of Duty 3 = 8.8 Call Of Duty 4 = 9.0 Call Of Duty: World At War = 8.5 Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 = 9.0 Call Of Duty: Black Ops = 9.0 Overall Score = 62.1 Battlefield 1942 = 8.8 Battlefield Vietnam = 8.5 Battlefield 2 = 9.3 Battlefield 2142 = 8.1 Battlefield Bad Company = 8.5 Battlefield 1943 = 8.0 Battlefield Bad Company 2 = 9.0 Overall Score = 60.2

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Sorry to be repetitive but I must say that the better graphics, usable vehicles and of course destruction makes BF3 just much more fun. Yes, Call of Duty has its good points, sure, but seriously, why wouldn't you want to be able to jump into any vehicle, or blow a hole in a wall and make your own sniping spot. I'm not "hating", these just seem like simple facts. Patrich Bach, lead producer of BF3 said it best "You choose the depth you want". I just don't see this depth in what MW offers. Do yourself a favor and give BF3 more than a 5 minute chance, many people I know who have freaked out early because its not "what they are used to", speaking of MW, once they just settle down, play for a while, get 2nd nature on the controls, get a few scopes for their guns, end up loving it and never playing or buying MW again. We are building a clan, BFC: Battlefield First Class, visit www.battlefieldfans.com and get in touch!

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ok ok ok i will play it

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looks decent, i think i will probably get sucked into buying yet another call of duty...i would wait for the price to go down but that wont happen until they ship out the next game *sigh*. it had better be good

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All the hating in the world won't stop people from buying this game in bulk but there hasn't been a major upgrade to the series since mw1 only some tweaks in gameplay. It is very much an expansion pack to the mw series and for those who can't get enough of mw, this will do two things, give them more the same and split the players between those that want an upgrade and those that don't (it'll also be a nice change for people that have older PC's and can't run games with a higher level of graphics). Personally I put many fun hours into mw1 and mw2 and lost interest after that (even more so when the true creative minds at Infinity Ward were either fired or resigned). Now that I want something new, I'm looking to BF3 and even Arma3

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I think this is alright but I like zombies better. BF3 of course doesn't have survival mode but MW3 lacks almost everything that BF3 has : 10X the unlocks as previous game tanks, atvs, jeeps, turrets, helicopters, jets, destructible and huge maps, awesome graphics, gravity, badass sound, intense campaign, and more

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Isnt it funny no matter what people post there is a higher chance of them getting a negative score? This hate mongering has got to stop. Gamers, look around you. Corporations have bought your loyalty through their marketing campaigns. Don't forget why we started playing games in the first place, to have fun. Just play what you want to play, and have fun. Life is complicated enough without fanboys making simple things difficult. No one likes any kind of fanboy. Its just irritating.

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@X-Bs3 I think Call of Duty: Ctrl C+Ctrl V is the name of the next game.

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CoD Black Ops was my first Cod online game. So get ill MW3 and dominate

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Activision Ideology: Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V = Profit

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That guy died by an ac-130 at the end not the explosive ( just erked me how ridiculously overpowered that bomb looked =))... I think Cod and BF3 are gonna be fair games... though I may just go with Battlefield... iI'm kinda looking for a new experience... no matter how much they change or don't change this series... the players are what will always somewhat hamper the experience( daggumn campers are every where now days and they don't even have and marshmellows to share... wtf )... I do find it funny that they copied BF3s trailer scheme... Short hectic clips... with static thats distorted to sound sick nasty... I feel MW could atleast try to have their own trailer scheme... ap well

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Its the same exact thing.......but after watching this i want it....HOW DO THEY DO THAT?!?!? I DONT WANT TO WASTE MY MONEEEY

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Modern Warfare? What so modern about this??? It looks like the same sh*t they've been making every year.

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another reason why i should buy this game

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i like how they show all these vehicles like the tank and jeeps that you can't drive. but in bf3 there's a new graphics engine, realistic weapon sounds and youll even be able to bomb people and blow up 7 story buildings with jets lol. this looks like an expansion pack in comparison. i know ill get thumbed down b/c it's a cod video but i dont care. i used to love cod but activision ruined it... along with everything else that publisher touches.

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I didn't realise MW2 had DLC...

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Its the same re-hashed crap. The graphics haven't changed much since the first MW. It don't take advantage of desktop computer. Just aimed for console crap. Screw COD series. Black ops was the last COD I will buy. This looks like a mod for MW2.

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This is ridiculous, this isn't a new game... this looks EXACTLY the same as MW2. It's like they're releasing a mod for MW2 and charging full price. *sigh*

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It looks like that its a mix of multiplayer and special ops from MW2.U getting promotion weapon upgrades for money etc rather then having weapons just laying around.

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Wait is this MW3 trailer or MW2? I'm having a hard time tellin the difference because the game has barely changed over the last 4 years. People need to see that Call of Duty isn't going to change any time soon and i'm not dropping $60 on the same game every year. I'd like CoD to prove me wrong, because CoD 4 was a fantastic game, but until that day, no more CoD for me.

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This looks crap disnt expect this its the same as MW2/BO don't like MW3 at all gonna stick with BF3

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@netter99 It is true that is was a remake of the singleplayer, BUT only the maps (or parts of them) Each spec ops mission had their own objective, unlike campaign the objectives was... "Kill xx amount of xxxxx", "protect your ally from the air until he gets to the rally point" etc etc etc...

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I liked Special ops in MW2.

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I thought survival was gonna be stupid but after that it looks like its gonna be very good and infinity ward finally made a good co op mode. spec ops in MW2 was a remake of all the singleplayer missions. Why didnt they just make co op campaign.

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@Ngaan don't buy it then. I fail to understand what the problem is. It's not like they shut of their dedicated servers and force you to buy the next game or anything. >_>

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Well looks like they may get me again. No complaints, I like my vitamin Killstreak.

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@Halo998877 Duh, because the video is playing at 60FPS, when most run at 30. Also people act your age, it's funny that Battlefield fanboys are coming here saying how much better their game is and that CoD is for kids, yet you're arguing anonymously on the internet. Irony - look it up. I'll even admit I prefer Bad Company / Battlefield over CoD, but at least I have enough maturity to understand the stupidity of the "STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE" arguments.

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Again with every video release is the ever constant Battelfield Vs COD. Battlefield = Open Wide Maps - Vehicles - Slower Pace - 30fps - best graphics COD = Close quarters - Killstreaks - Faster pace - 60fps - same graphics (but needed to be the same to keep the fps) Im looking forward to both, Mw3 for the campaign, no other game can come CLOSE to how intense and amazing set pieces mw1 and 2 had (chernobyl? Soap and price meeting up again? Storming the gulag anyone?) but battlefield looks stunning and something new

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Wow...that looks exactly the same as the first MW that came out in 2007. Seriously, if you guys are impressed by this then I guess anything will impress you. The first MW was the best one, and its been downhill ever since then.

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Looks kool.want that geme.

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This looks so cool. Battlefield 3 is going to be amazing but I know for a fact I'm going to have so much funny playing this with my friends.

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that looked like zombie mode just switch out zombies with enemy soldiers, nice!

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It's more like a MW2 DLC, I see no difference gameplay, graphics or physics-wise.... Ohh well, I'll probably rent it for the campain, have to finish what I started. @Staffanovic Crappy graphics, ugly looking weapons and boring multiplayer in BF? Where the hell did you dig your head down?

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It looks like the game runs way smoother now

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I just Love D:\Program Files:\Activision:\Call Of Duty MW3

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Staffanovic wow i really hope your just trolling and are not serious about that if you are i feel bad for how pathetic you are

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Dogs that carry explosives? What's next? Kamikaze Pigeons? And what about the Juggernauts? Am I going to fight against ALIENS again???? Because there's no such thing on EARTH that can hold massive strikes like that! Ridiculous!! Bring COD4 back!