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Holy crap that looks so raa.

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the dogs got on my nerves in black ops but they have bombs strapped on em this time

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You know, if a game is a direct sequel, it would make sense that the game would look similar to the original. But people keep bashing MW3 about how it looks exactly like MW2, but didn't ODST look a ton like Halo 3? ODST was still an amazing game. Graphics don't matter, people, if a game is good fun, then it's a good game. MW2 was so much fun, so that must mean that MW3 will be fun, too! Oh well, haters gonna hate, fanboys won't shut up, and no one will be able to end this stupid and unintelligent war. Can't wait to play MW3 AND BF3.

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Meh, having to pay 50, 60 euros for a sequel with very few new features is a rip off. What's the point, a new sequel is going to be released in less than a year anyway...

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It looks great regardless what fanboys say about it. But I was hoping for more changes and addition since Black Ops.

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Funny... in the comments below I didn't say anything to directly bash COD or BF and I still got thumbs downed, WAIT waaait... this means that there is something that relates COD fanboys to BF fanboys... their both uptight arses that can't stop going "down" on their prospective love interest and have uncontrollable rage against anybody who even mentions their loves competetitor... just like every other fanboy out their... Ap Well I'll be enjoying life, BF3, GOW3, and potentially the next installation in the MW franchise (seeing as how there's no way they'll simply stop here) which will hopefully have a little more time to bake in the oven and be juuuust right, and Anyone else who has pledged their ignorant, unchangeable, and unfaltering allegiance to any game in particular (until of course they find some other game to jump on the fanboy bandwagon) can go flame, thumbs down, argue, wine , and B**** all you want because unfortunately I don't freak out everytime I hear someone else's opinion, although I don't always agree =) Anybody who's level-headed and chill enough to enjoy a game without having to sob consistently and rant about how "Cods the bestesty best game everrrr" or how "BF3 is the coolest game I"ve never played nana-nana-boo-boo-stick-your-head-in-doo-doo" I'll be glad to hit you up for a good game on xbox live Peace Out =)

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looks very imperssive its like zombies but with guns and low hp nice work there

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to those who dont like the series simply dont coment on the videos made for it.. we are glad you have an oppinion but keep to those who actually care for your input...... black ops may not be as good as this one is going to be but it did bring and inspire some of the features this game will hold and in most cases make better but no one will actually know its acomplishments till they play the game.......... not a fanboy just someone who has played every fps shooter for all consoles speaking what he thinks will define mw3.............................

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COD: You piece of sh*t, you stole my kill ! BF3: Thanks man, you saved my a** in time !

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[M]oney [W]aste [3]rd time

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Seeing this gives me some hope for the game. Considering Raven software is making the MP it might actually be worth it. Raven made some great MP for the Jedi Knight games so this should be interesting (if they don't copy exactly from BO and MW2). But until i see some results, i need to preorder BF3

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Wow COD almsot did something new to bad Gears 3 beat upgraded to horde 2.0 and is better then this. Zombies is the only good thing left in COD the rest is garbage.

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1:35 that juggernaut got raped

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to me black ops was such a set back, what a horrible (mp) game, and undeserving of the COD title, but this has infinity wards hands on this, it looks good, and I will play it, i am not hating, MW, and MW2 are by far some of the best shooters ever, and black ops, you owe everyone a refund..

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predator,dog,stupid mines? anything else i havent heard bfore?

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like i said before.... just buy em both, you mammaboys just sit and play

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Even though lot of people here say they hate COD n love BF3...the thing is they r also gonna buy this game...Heck, y else would they wanna watch this video..:P

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dogbombs?? WTF?. . . . lack of ideas . . . just sayin' :-s

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One thing I will say to Everybody that can't stand COD with the utmost intesity of the ensuing apOCALYPSE OF A THOUNSAND SUNS... just remember that its because of COD that competition to steal the miltary FPS franchise is so strong and is what is giving us such amazing games such as BF3 and whatever the future may hold... Competition is what allows gamers and consumers to come out on top and get a little more bang for their buck... and COD will never have a monopoly, at least not with people that understand the diference between developers and producers i.e. tre-arch vs infinity ward, i.e. kids who prolly are tooo young to play this game in the first place, and can u honestly say that you always hated COD... because I know I was the first to admit I was wrong about the series when I played the first Modern Warfare which blew my mind Anywho this looks good but I'll simply pass to the next one and stick with BF3 and GOW3 for my shotter fix for now, untill then I'll see all yall Later Peace Out and remember, we play games to have fun and enjoy the immersion of another reality, not to see how long we can argue until our hands explode and our heads spontaneously combust =)

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Looking at this I can honestly say that this game seems somewhat promising... but with the amount of money they've made off of the previous COD titles I feel that they simply didn't do as much as they could, I understand that the reason for this may be because they had to rebuild Infinity ward after the whole inside-epidemic with their staff, but that could have been avoided if they weren't too greedy to where they couldn't simply pay the two inital employees their gratuities... regardless with that said I'll prolly just skip this one and go with BF3 which looks "really" promising and will offer a nice change in experience seeing as how I've never played battlefield before Lets face it the MW trilogy may be over... but the series def isn't... they make waay too much money off it too simply quit... I'm sure the next installation in the sereis will still offer all MW3 has to offer and then some... hopefully with graphics and a physics engine that can compete more fairly with BF3, so I'm simply gonna take a break from COD till next year

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in Thailand. mw3 = $59.99USD / BF3 = $26.99USD

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BTW, either I'm crazy or I think the graphics look pretty good, maybe better than Black Ops. If everyone thinks this MW3 looks EXACTLY like MW2, then MW2 must have had some high, top notch graphics for its time, which it did. I see nothing wrong with the graphics, theyre good enuff to immerse me and make me feel like im on an army battlefield.

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OMG this game looks too sick. I can't wait! Black Ops is great and all and I still play it, but both MW2 and MW3, Infinity Ward just has a way of making the game look so smooth, contemporary (granted B.O. is supposed to be in the 60s) and they brought back all the stuff i missed in BO and then some: The predator missile, looks like we now have attack dogs with explosives, killstreaks pick up able in "wave/zombie" mode (before u could only get weapons) and theres a menu for upgrading. Looks like they improved on pretty much everything. I'm sure MW3 will rock, hopefully Infinity Ward will be making all the MP maps, they make great ones, unlike Treyarch and their BS "maze-like" maps that are far too closed and constricting.

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Blablablabla............blabla Bc3 best.

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@devinj i'm with you man, I love both I'm really big into the COD story and hopefully we catch makarov in this story and battlefield is just taking FPS'S graphically to new boundaries, both will do well

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Im watin' for a better COD !! Come on man ! Come on !!

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After COD4 and COD5 COD was never been good but never been bad either.

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I hate this whole COD vs BF crap, they will both be fun and I'm gettin em both.

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It looks fun and i will be getting this, but it doesn't really seem like a new game. Battlefield 3 still has my vote.

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@Adema83 agreed

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WOW!!! Tuber, Hacker will be back.

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Another call of duty article means more battlefield fanboys come to troll. Enough please, >_> Save that for Ign

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it's just like mw2 mw3=mw2=mw1

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Looks like pure fun. Like zombies, except no need to create trains by running the same loop over and over again. And why do people care about graphics so much? Stop complaining that COD brings nothing new, what do we know? MW3 probably won't do anything new, but they didn't even reveal multiplayer, so don't judge it yet. And a lot of people who buy COD are new to it, so it's a fresh new experience (like me). Black Ops definitely took my mind off bad company's excessive camping. However the guns did feel way to much the same...

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At first I thought the title was a typo and I was watching an old MW2 trailer

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COD: dammit i can't get this f****** camper out of that room BATTLEFIELD 3: i'm gonna "camp" in this room no one will get me... ooooooo sh** the buildings coming down ah ah ah ah ah

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This looks really, REALLY fun. But the multiplayer tid-bit at the end seriously looked like a CoD 4 mod.

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@thribs There is when they're making $1,000,000,000 dollars for one yearly game and can't bother to make it look better.

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so this is what S**** looks like running at 60fps... glad I didn't do that experiment myself

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MW3= AC130 Blows up person next to house... house is intact BF3=Air Strike blows up 2 people next to a building... building goes bye bye along with the two other people

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@theshonen8899 There is nothing wrong in looking like MW2. It does look like it has a few new mechanics that will make it slightly different.

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I watched this video trying to see if I was wrong to criticize MW3 for looking exactly like MW2. I wasn't.

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@ COLDFIRE25 whoa. Calm down there fan boy, new slim XBOX 360s are only around because people like myself invest in the PC market and helped pave the way for the new manufacturing tech. They have only managed to solve a few problems. The only reason why PC gaming is losing its edge in the market is because its more cost effective to produce for a console rather than a PC. PC gaming will never die off, and you should thank PC gaming for the console you have in front of you. Compared to a reasonable gaming PC XBOX 360 is cheap. If you would have paid attention you would have understood that in one of my posts. We can keep this up but sadly when you compare an XBOX360 to a PC, a PC will always come out on top when looking at things visually (which what I was stating in the first place). Have a goodnight!

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Pretty sweet! But at the same time, it looks identical to the last several games. I just wish that, after so many years of CoD, they would have at least upgraded something....

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I say COD in story & gameplay ! BF in graphics & gameplay ! THEREUPON BOTH in my Thought !!!

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Yesss! I saw a g36c and a Scar. I'm stoked. And for the survival, this will make the replay value...amazing

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@mortis1982 The new slim 360s dont red ring, they cant. It was something in the system of the older 360. But lets ignore the fact that PCs have crashed ever since they came out. Yet, xbox has managed to solve their problems and now have a great clean working system. PC gaming is sadly dying off, face it. I myslef dont play many computer games other then flash games. Making a comment about Xbox being a cheap system when its probably the most expensive. Maybe you thinking of the Wii...

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YAWN............ All I see is a 2 person HORDE mode with COD slapped all over it. Lame............ Honestly they could of fixed their gun sounds they sound like trash still. I mean that was great like back in 04 time to step it up some. The sounds in this game just suck now way too much high pitched SCHHHHHH sounds that a cheap developer uses to cover up lack of sound quality. Heck in WAW, and BO you had better sounds then that. This is why COD sucks for me so badly, poor AI, lack of graphical improvment, and on top of that piss poor sounds for the guns that could of been good like back in the early 05s not now. COD needs to start thinking bigger instead of just slapping on another new coat of paint and calling it new.