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@ Deadman_est1982 Picture COD except with better graphics, better animations, completely destructible environments, helicopters, tanks, JETS, parachuting, spawn where you want, massive maps, 64 player combat, and a much more rewarding ranking system and you have--------BF3!!! haha

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@james_324 Oh whatever. There's just as many kids who play Battlefield as MW. Don't try to associate BF as the "adult" game and COD as the "kid" game. I know a lot of adults who play COD so that argument is null and void.

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Why are they releasing this on the same week as Skyrim and The Halo Anniversary remake? I'm going to be broken by the end of November : /

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This is the continuation of the downfall of this franchise that started last year with BLACK OPS. Not money wise but gameplay wise. People are going to start to see what this franchise is truly about if they haven't already nothing more than pretty graphics with the same generic shooting mechanics of the 90's with the overpowered perks of course. There's nothing this franchise did to the FPS it self but the whole perks system nothing new to the point and spray part. What the 2 developers that develope this series and the evil empire that publishes it are now doing to this franchise is milking it to death ALA GUITAR HERO.

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Im a BF fan, and this doesnt look bad. Just not.... new. Not buying it.

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i actually used to be a cod fan before i played BC for the first time, the thing about cod games is that as long as you put in enough hours playing it, it gives anyone the opportunity to be the best, because all you have to do is play it enough to the point where you know where people will spawn at and come running out of (and i dont have enough time for that because i have a life), thats the reason i stopped playing and got bored with mw2, the repetitiveness just got really boring and annoying...hence why they have to constantly update the maps...cod games are most popular among 12 year olds for a reason, you dont have to think or be smart in order to be good, you dont ever use real tactics to win, everyone only cares about their own k/d ratio and kill streaks..which is fine for a lot of people apparently.. but in battlefield if you want to win and be good at the game, you have to be smart enough to use actual tactics, and work with your squad, plus virtually everything can be blown up which is pretty badass... its more of a challenge to be good at any bf game than it is to be good at cod games which is why i personally made the switch to bf, so you guys can enjoy your simple run and gun game and ill enjoy my kickass challenging realistic warfare game and we can all be happy, but if any of you start to get bored or feel like mw3 is just more of the same (and im not saying it will even though it looks that way) and you want a real challenge then you should definitely try bf3

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see this trailer actually raised my interest in the game especially when they dropped the juggz god did i hate them in spec ops in mw2

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OK why dont you all stop arguing which game is better?! Lets wait till both games come out and we will see which is better...

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@Deadman_est1982.....I really just wanted to see how this looked and was actually just playing Black Ops but had to switch over to Bad Company 2 (which dominates every aspect of any COD game) on PC because I wasn't feeling an arcade game. Sure it's a great feeling going 30-4, but going 30-4 in BC 2 is epic. Flying helicopters at will and parachuting out when an RPG just clipped your rear...driving tanks whenever you want....massive battlefields...and it's not as easy as it sounds because you're actually playing grown men instead of 6-year olds.

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So it's firefight for cod. I was hoping it would be missions like in MW2

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Game should be so much better smh. Still waiting for something new. At this rate, this game will just be a rental for the story. Strongly suggesting all the mw2 people to get BF3 also

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Love me some COD. Can't wait. It's a pitty we have so many haters on here. Why don't you go and worry about your own game and leave this one to the COD fans.

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How could anyone possibly think this looks better than Battlefield 3?? You either haven't watched ANY footage or are clearly blind. Don't worry, I won't say anything else; The games will speak for themselves. P.S. I was lucky enough to play BF3 Alpha trial.... and let me tell you.... it is EPIC.

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watchin this trailer..ican't wait for nov 8..i wanna play it now..& its far better than B3

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can any one tell me from which angle is this game same as previous MW series. there are some similarities between a new sequence & its older sequence ,even battlefield would be havin some. MW always have better story line then battlefield or i should say best storyline. so stop hatin this great title

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is funny how you guys r talking bad about cod and is the same thing. well what do you expect if is after mw2 ? and bf3 in my opinion is not as fun as cod. i played the bf game and is not as fun. by the way the engine they are using is not a new one is just like an upgraded engine just like they are doing with mw3. bf3 use frostbite 2.0 and on bf2 they used frostbite 1.0 so is not like they came out with a whole total different engine. mw3 is doing the same they just upgraded thier engine.

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It would be a big waste of money to buy every new CoD game while your older one is still new. I did not buy BO because MW2 was still new and i did not need to replace it. now it is getting old i want some thing new and this MW3 has new game mod new weapons new campaign levels new maps. so stop crying "the graphics are the same" because the graphics are good they don't need to change it not as good as BF3 but i don't care for "realistic" graphics if you can see every thing clearly while knowing what every thing is i am pleased

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what new features added to BF3 ??? laser guns ? rape your enemies option ? Nothing! all of its features were in COD series and other games before. only gameplay is important in Online games and BF series suck in this kids want graphics :)

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garbage game.. waist of money. COD has been making the same game over and over since COD one, i'm sorry any of you who spent more then $100.00 to these retards.

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@Gamey_Lord7 How long will it take for people to figure out that gay isn't an insult?

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More like MW 2.5. Not enough of a change to the game play to consider purchasing i think ill get BF3 this year.

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Hell yeah! NICE!

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really gay looks like this year is gonna be the glory year for battlefield 3 and gears of war :D dont forget saints row 3 guys

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I love call of duty series.

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modern warfare was a start of a new era in modern 1st person shooters, after that MW2 it was a legendary game , but this sequel has reached it's limits and now In my idea, the third installment will not bring anything new to the pitch. This year is Battlefield's Year... it was perfect with what it had and in 2011 it still has a lot of parts to upgrade.

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You can compare Actvision's Call of Duty to Apple's iPod series. It's basically the same thing but with one to a few more added features.

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I find it sad that they are so lazy and greedy that they can't even setup the ability to shoot with a gun while holding a riot shield, or have any weapons that can do anything more then just shoot regular ammunition. Look at MGS 4. More guns, more ways to shoot those guns, and way more unique guns. << LINK REMOVED >> MGS 4 has that gun, and actually gives it the ability to control when you want to explode the grenade. Why do the people at infinity ward have to be so damn lazy and not try to add in unique weapons and ways to shoot them. Just a little rant. This mode looks pretty cool though, prob will just borrow mw3 from my buddy, specially since so many other games are coming out, gotta save some money.

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"This games is just an upgrade to MW2" > Technology and warfare doesn't change that drastically in a few months... Where as Black Ops was during the 80's, a drastic difference from the other games... "This game is a ripoff of Black Ops" >You could argue that Black Ops ripped off shooting down UAV and helicopters from MW2... good ideas will get ripped. "There's nothing new, just an upgrade of MW2" >Did it occur to you that they're keeping all the new content under wraps? Having a sequel (or indeed a second sequel) having hugely varying differences is few and far between. "Black Ops/MW2or3/BF3 is better than Black Ops/MW2or3/BF3" >Agree to disagree. Different games for different people and styles of play. COD is an arcade shooter/run and gun, Battlefield is a squad based tactical shooter, much more team based. And on a related note, Black Ops is made by Treyarch (who's games I generally don't like as much), whereas MW is made by Infinity Ward... both studios have very different ideas and visions... but they have to agree on keeping certain things the same, because they both contribute to one series (Call of Duty). All in all, learn to appreciate people's views. I have my Battlefield days and my Call of Duty days... but on the other hand I hate Black Ops (but loved World at War). I loved COD4 and MW2. Looking forward to: Arkham City MW3 BF3 AC: Revelations Prototype 2 Uncharted 3 and forever awaiting: Half Life 2: Ep 3 (or even HL3) Kingdom Hearts 3 Star Wars: Battlefield 3

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To people saying the dog bombs are crazy: << LINK REMOVED >>

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R U crazy people just look at game-play it's cool >>love it

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people pls stop talkin crap about this game............just buy this and bf3 and enjoy both.......its not always that u c 2 great FPS games gettin out back-to-back in a short time

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look like crap. They rush this game out for sure. Same stuffs COD Black COK. lol Different texture and map layout. Epic FAIL

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iv said it before and il say it again if you dont like cod then why are watching the videos about cod its just completly pointless. if you rather battlefield then good for you and if you dont like cod thats also good for you but many people do like cod. i am not one of those people because i nothing cod i dont like it but i dont dont like either

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Battlefield 3. nuff said.

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@Jebus213 buddy, u said it.. I wonder the same!

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Well stackable killstreaks are back

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@Nano1124 it doesn't

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Hope it's 4 players...

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COD: dammit i can't get this f'in camper out of that room BATTLEFIELD 3: i'm gonna "camp" in this room no one will get me... ooooooo shi* the buildings coming down aaaaaaa

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COD: Its cool to bash it

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@domp67 It's BF3, not BC3. Sorry, people saying that one game is another is a pet peeve of mine. :)

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Wow some new stuff (sarcasm), time to put this on my rubbish bin after I buy it. Screw you COD!

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I'm still trying to understand why people like this game.. It just looks like Mw2 with a content upgrade.

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i can swear who u will buy both

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same thing... more graphics...

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i can't to play mw3 its going to be better then black ops

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What really blows my mInd is that those graphics were for wii