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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@TheBatFreak777 no dude. People start commenting shiiit when they simply see the title call of duty. No matter what the subject is. Just by seen then title name they just rage and hate. So if simply they dont like it then just leave their videos and ignore them. If you cant understand that and if you never noticed that this is happening with cod and bf then what can i say...

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@mortilla Define "here"..... I citing the "most awaited game in history", that history i want to be counted out. Sorry by the time hiatus.

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Call of Duty is the McDonalds of FPS's

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People hate on MW now because the franchise became extremely popular. That's what always happens. As for the BF3 comments, they don't belong here. The only thing these games have in common is that they're fps. Other than that the experience and setup is entirely different. In a MW game, I'm not running around fixing things or riding around in a vehicle. I'm blowing stuff up and having fun. BF 3 definitely has it's charm, but if you play it like you're playing MW, you just end up screwing your team over. And that's that game's biggest downfall. ( Selfish Players) And lastly I'm not sure what happened between BF2 BC and BF3 but somewhere along the line EA felt it necessary to compare it's product to Activisions.

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wasn't the most anticipated game in history like 2 years ago (MW2) cause i highly doubt that Modern Warfare 3 is.

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This game is gonna be really awsome :D

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<< LINK REMOVED >> you all have to check this out!!!!!!!!!!!

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bf3 is really is a pc only game. this bf3 is not worth 60 on console.ppl who says its good on console are fooling themselves. the story and multi p are both boring .maps are to big for 24 players and there are sound glitches.i will what until bfbc3. until then iam going b playing the hell out mw3. and all the other great upcoming games

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@dono14 and @ssakgodofwar haha... the only reason of those rating is the current platforms can't handle this awesome game. i rather spend my time playing BF3 on XBOX360 insted of play MW1.3 !!!

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@dmarlo3 ur BF3 is a kid........we (CoD) only thought you (BF) the art of FPS war gaming.........

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@dono14 you are absolutely correct

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@dmarlo3 your just mad cause bf3 is getting crappy ratings for all platforms except pc.

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Infinity Ward and Activision are really pulling off the whole new cod every year thing right now but soon it will start to be like madden except everyone buys it

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The trailer looks amazing, though do miss the devs getting their names used as NPC names. And I want to find out about soap and price. Not bothered about the Russians

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@ssakgodofwar apparently you are blind seeing as COD graphics are crap compared to BF3, but what am i to say in the COD area trying to tell an 8yr old kid the truth. Have fun with the lame graphics and kids noobtubing like a fricken machine gun. BF3 FTW!

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Battlefield is just a kid.......CoD is the forefather for all world war 2 FPS games...........battlefield just gives u the graphics but our CoD gives the best graphics and the BEST GAMING EXPERIENCE ever........CoD rocks.....Activision Rockzzzz........

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lol @ all the BF3 fanboys that talks crap about COD's campaigns. Now we know why... they're jealous.

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@dono14 for console maybe, but battlefield 3 is a PC game mostly, 9+ for PC...not to mention it they are marking it down cuz of the stupid campaign, which Battlefield games never had campaigns before...besides bad company....Nobody buys the games for the campaign. I really doubt COD will do any better...if it does somehow, its a sad world we live in...COD4 was great, but the rest really mediocre.

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Battlefield 3 advertising on a CoD: MW3 Launch Trailer... This made my day...lol

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Anyone else amazed at how many people are complaining about a game that they aren't going to play? This debate is ridiculous. Why even waste time posting such comments? Really brings me back to the days of CS.

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this franchise is like madden but with guns. new game every november with a few new tweaks... sigh. theres just no way it can compete with bf3. the only thing keeping it alive are the sheep that blindy purchase the titles just because its call of duty even though if they played and compared the two theyd like bf3 better. but theyd never admit to it.

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@Gelugon_baat i disagree, those games werent nearly as popular as mw1 was, (not saying they werent popular, just not AS popular), and after mw1 came out suddenly a buch of first shooters emerged that tried to compete with cod

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@Albaficas hahaha look whos getting the 8 now.... battlefield isnt getting the 9 and 10 ratings fanboys thought that it would after all, i find that funny. critic score 8.6 so far...lol, so looks like your not getting your 9 or 10 or whatever you thought battlefield would be rated. might want to take that statement back "bf3 is the winner this year like it or not this is a fact deal with it"... bf3 winner my ass.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Xbox? No thankyou!

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The only thing makes me buy this game is existence of beloved Cpt. John Price and of course his British accent .

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Seriously, how can anyone even care about this anymore with bf3 around. This is just another copy pasted mw game same engine same gameplay looks the same as the others and will play the same as well. nothing new or impressive.i for one am not going to support activisions milking of this series by blindly purchasing just because of the name. modernwarfare has had its time. stop being consumer whores. let this series rest. and buy bf3.

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bloomin advertising vids, sick sick SICK of em

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I'm getting this and Battlefield 3, BF3 just for its awesomeness and this... just to kill Makarov.

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Can they really say the most anticipated game in history? I mean I'd imagine people got pretty excited about monopoly when it first came out

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lmao @ the bf3 ad prior to MW3 trailer!

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Uninspired launch trailer

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HEHEHE :D did any one notice the ADs for the BF3 for COFMW3 trailers !!! what a battle :P

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u know what's missing from this game? battlefield 3...

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@xboxgameman is it? I'm interested in both.

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LOL! A Battlefield 3 commercial before the MW3 trailer. This is a conflict of interests! LOL!

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@LtReviews All bf gamemodes are slow-paced lol..feel like an old man by time its over.

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The King Shooter(mw3) will make its return on 8th november and will crush its opponent to nothing on its release

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@x_hunter00 Does final fantasy have multiplayer?

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its funny how bf3 fanboys need to spam mw3 videos claiming how much better bf3 is, if its so good then just stfu, you all just know mw3 is better and love the attention you get with you anti- call of duty comments.

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@frankie98989 i was with you till the "stupid final fantasy games" comment. Final Fantasy is an icon of a franchise, i say more than Battlefield and CoD combined. They have a 20 year history full of glory. Their old 8bit and 16 bit games easily beat Battlefield and CoD in terms of pure gameplay and fun. Final Fantasy= real games and their players= real gamers. CHOCOBOS for LIFE!!!!!

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@lt reviews. i agree with you all the way but i play both titles and don't have a problem with either of them. i just want to have fun as a fan of fps shooters. and both games do the job in their own way.

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CoD fans are wondering why BF fans love to hate on Modern Warfare... Well, look at Justin Beiber and Rebbecca black. It's not fanboyism, it's hating on pretentious little kids who think they're awesome :) So yeah, that makes Modern Warfare the Justin Beiber of video games..

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@36CHAMBERS1 you can get fast paced arcade action in Battlefield 3, they included a deathmatch mode. And the other modes in BF3 aren't "slow paced", it's called "Rush" for a reason. It is possible to have a fast paced game, without making it completely brainless.

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regardless of what any one says mw3 and bf3 are going to be played for along time to come far as multi-player goes.if you want fast paced arcade like action get mw3.if you want slower paced team strategy get bf3.both fps offer something different.but just enjoy what they have to offer for any fps fan.b/c ppl are still going argue about which shooter is the best until the next installments of these series. and that's real talk.