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Was this interview sponsored by ironicTshirts.com or something?

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Just came by to confirm nothing worth mentioning is new.

Not a single instance of innovation was mentioned this day. Unless you count:

"Very smokish stylish things"

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They charging for a rehashed MW2 map ?

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@SteamyPotatoes Yep. It runs worse than the original Scrapyard.

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@cboss19 Sigh

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As much as I'd love to buy Ghosts I feel I'm just paying for the same game again. It also holds its price for a really long time so I'm missing out because of that.

At least there is BF4......

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that guy looks scared

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pleas kill the cheater

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OMFG!!!!!!! pases d temporada gratis :P!

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Oh, so that's why Chris Watters couldn't do the upcoming Beat The Pros show.

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i can hardley wait -_- o thats right i have mw 2 3 an black ops 2 gee thx activision u give me the same bs year after year goooooood i hardley know whats gonna come at me in ur next installment of the sane bs u release!!!!

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@llsinister84ll All this bitching, moaning and complaining about yearly Call of Duty releases is not going to help stop them from releasing it every year. As long as enough people buy it each year, Activision will release it each year. You, however, already know that.

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@llsinister84ll dont fooking buy it then

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You really like hopping up and down on the COD-hate bandwagon, don't you?