Call of Duty: Ghosts - Next Generation Reveal Trailer

Witness the next generation of Call of Duty when Ghosts comes to the Xbox One later this year. New world. New story. New, next-gen engine.

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This should be a great installment!

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Lol i thought i accidently clicked on MW2

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Cant wait for COD ghost, its going to be boss. I wish they could show more.

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finally COD is matching Battlefield visual standards

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@deafdarkstreet Eh? You mean Battlefield 2?

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Looks really good, I dont know why everyone is so hard on C.O.D titles I think they are ub3r l33t ;) The question is, should I buy a next gen console to play this on, or should I get it for my pc? I like how the console controllers work on a call of duty title, but I expect the graphics would be better on pc?

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Can't wait for it.

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This is the first time I'm excited for the campaign of a Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare.

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I miss Tom Clancy.

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The graphics look better, but they have to step up the game with destructible environments, or else the frostbite engine will always have the edge.

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think this can beat bf4?

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I never hated the CoD games. They have good shooting and good graphics and descent storytelling. My question is, is that what the new generation of consoles will bring us? Better graphics? Yawn...

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wow some pepole do say bad shit bout the game but i am sure they will buy it at the end so just shut the **** up

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IW is the best and COD online is the best go F*ck yourself BF fanboy :D

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The game itself is fine... It's the absolute cretins that I have to associate with whilst playing it.

Because let's be real now, nobody buys this for it's campaign... surely!?

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You can hate Call of Duty all you want, but this was a really nice trailer

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I would like to see another WW2 shooter. Its been awhile.

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@pity-the-sadnes are you kidding me?? there have been enough ww2 shooters already. I personally am tired of that how people cash in on that tragedy that was ww2. What makes the situation more sad is that rarely a realistic picture of conflict is painted, this in turn makes people ignorant and uneducated about an event that we all should have learned a lot from.

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@Iezis @pity-the-sadnes dont think of videogames as educational tools, and by "people" do you mean Steven Spielberg, Tarantino and all the other hundreds of artists "cashing in" on ww2?

calm down

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@presidentperez @Iezis @pity-the-sadnes Yes, that is what I meant by saying "people". I thought I made myself clear enough. Why would you ask something if you know the answer? Or maybe you thought that dropping those names makes you some kind of well educated movie expert? well it did not.

As for games not being educational tools. Are you seriously trying to tell me that they have no effect on our society?? games are a part of our culture and they do have effect on people that are playing them.

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@presidentperez @Iezis @pity-the-sadnes Lets burn him for having an opinion! HOW DARE YOU!

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Is it just me, or does the music totally not fit the action and visuals in the trailer? "Ghosts, haunt them...(man slits other man's neck)" and hopeful piano music plays. This trailer is utterly devoted to the campaign, but I wonder why after nearly a decade of setting the standard in multiplayer FPS action, they STILL insist on marketing the single player narrative. Why hire the writer of traffic, and make incredible set pieces which take months to construct and render completely, rather than devote a year to fixing core multiplayer issues? Just food for thought.

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@jtech50 because maybe there are people who actually like SPC more than MP, I am down for some aggressive and competitive MP, but it will never be as enjoyable for me as an good story.

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I follow this game only to see how the graphics are advancing. Is the same old flat graphics as the other predecessors.

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Sooo...... What's it about? :/

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meh. This looks like the same thing that Activision has put out for the last six years yet people still buy it. I don't know how gamers can be so gullible. Hat's off to Activision for cashing in though, i guess. Internal Acti-Blizz motto should be 'we're taking candy from the babies'

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nice trailer. I bet the game will be

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@prince__vlad My 10 year old cousin can come up with a better joke than that! God you haters are fucking annoying!

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@bearcomputerrep brought to you by the PS4 fanclub! pff

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COD graphics is like Skyrim graphics. Shiny images and a physics engine as sophisticated as Solitaires. I'm still wondering how people still play this ? I can understand if they enjoy the multiplayer , but the singleplayer campaing is pure garbage ever since Modern Warfare.

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@G-Man4ever lol a BF fanboy :D

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@Qassim986 @G-Man4ever Lol, noob. i wanted to wright an elaborate reason for why BF3 is better than COD. But then i remembered that MOST FPS out there are better than COD. So go load a game that uses a 2006 engine with literally no physics, in witch all objects have perfectly straight edges, where a leather suitcase can stop a RPG, where vehicles are mere props and where you can use AI controlled aid in order to get kills. YES, it's hard to find a game that's as commercial, as poorly designed and that requires as little skill as COD.

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@G-Man4ever Who the **** cares! Its about the entertainment, not about being the most realistic game ever!

Realistic is boring! That's why BF3 sucked!

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@G-Man4ever true. since the original, the sp campaign is getting shorter and shorter. I've lost SO much respect for this franchise over the years. it hurts cuz it was a great game long, long ago.

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updated graphics! wow, I guarantee at least 8-9 when reviewed for the same regurgitated poo, every f***ing year!

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Looks nice.

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They were saying that they will use some kind of new, impressive graphics engine, but all I'm seeing is the same graphics as all the other COD ganes out there!

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This is all next gen has to offer for the console kiddies, huh? smh So glad I'm a PC gamer. lmao

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@devastator1991 Pc gamers all live with their parents as how many living rooms have you seen with Pc's in them.

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@seanbrandowen @devastator1991 I guess you have never left your house or something. The best thing about my PC is not the fact that I will not have to buy "new generation" xstation5000 to play the new games, but I can also work on it to make money and do shitload of other usefull things. Things you cant do with your shitstationONE! and guess what, if I wish to i can connect my pc to the fucking tv you fuckface.

p.s. I am not trying to trash people who play on consoles, just this idiot.

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@seanbrandowen @devastator1991 logic broken. rebooting.

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Where is Captain Price?

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I'm really intrigued by the story, and the different sceneries looks cool. But the graphics looks pretty old school though. Console version?

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I bet, all the CoD this n CoD that people are going to pre-order this LOL

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the problem is its not going to be next gen as whatever they do, has to also work with current gen. again with limitations. Also i see nothing here that is next gen.

Yes the story and script/acting may be amazing but the way alot of this is marketed atm, is about it being a Next generation. And many see Next Gen as a graphical step up 'Dare i say it....Experience....''. I see nothing... OOOOO the fish move out of the way BOOM.. SOLD

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marvelous trailer, can expect nothing less impressive from infinity ward, but please don't let it go the black ops way, nor like any of the previous iterations. we hope to see the rest of the game live up to the precedence set by this trailer.

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i like this

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what made me give up on cod was not the content, but the graphics and online "matchmaking"... this video is an eye sore after seeing "batman arkham origins"... still this was gameplay footage in comparison, and i hate to do it but... "bf4 had a 10 min gameplay footage montage that showed SUPERB visuals"... call of duty doesn't lack content... just bad visuals and poor multiplayer setup.

@ @Atila688 i've played alot of games that lacked visually, and had fantastic story... but MW3... i played the first 4 chapters of the story and felt like i had to MAKE myself play the game rather than enjoy playing it (imo)

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@Darthrocker I agree, I didn't enjoy MW3 story as much as I had hoped.