Call of Duty: Ghosts - Next Generation Reveal Trailer

Witness the next generation of Call of Duty when Ghosts comes to the Xbox One later this year. New world. New story. New, next-gen engine.

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The shouldn't show so much gameplay.

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even running on next gen technology, call of duty's graphics still cant even beat battlefield 3's graphics.

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@bluebird08 That's because BF3 is run on a PC, and PC's are already Next Gen...

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purely based on the trailer, i dont think this has the wow factor when i saw the BF4 good this and BF4 is, only time will tell

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Probably more of the same, but I'm cautiously optimistic that it will be worth getting. Haven't bought a COD game since black ops 1.

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the bunch of idiots are back to comment.... Infinity ward members dint say it the first time anyone has done, they instead said they have iplemented it first time in COD series, you guys are assumin it.. go play other shooters and enjoy if do. and comming here to waste your time for what if COD is not good for you then dont play simple. because thee are ppl who like these games...

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@rIVAL_sWORD84 the thing that always makes me laugh is when people buy it day 1 and complain about a lack of innovation. maybe if they didn't buy it at all if would have a reason to.

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The sliding feature, new and exciting, UuUuUuh. So Crysis 2 is the most innovative, since it used it before you? I'm pretty sure a bunch of other games have used it as well. It's COD, you're not even trying to play unsafe.

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i like the COD series, still playing out MW3 every so often, but is that squad based combat i saw....I think that area has already been Massively used by other modern shooters..

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I lol'd so hard when he said Modern Warfare 3 was "state of the art" at the time.

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New engine my ass... (model 1986)

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Must be the new trend to put next gen on everything these days huh Activision?

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I'll be looks good, BUT is it NextGen good? Meh.

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This game doesn't look very "next gen". Crysis 3 (PC) looks next gen, Killzone Shadowfall looks next gen. This looks like the same regurgitated crap. Next year will be Ghost 2 and Ghosts 3 the year after. Then they're gonna start another trilogy and it goes on and on.

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Spoiler the dog dies.

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WTF, best Game at the XBOX reveal and its Multi Platform. Biggest Fail ever.

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Looks like all they did was add DX11 features.

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Does it have destruction and war vehicles? wow outdated already.. Cod has been outdated for almost a decade. this looks no better.

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Lol, "copy and paste" is the formula it seems rather than "innovate!!"

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Looks no different than MW3 graphics wise, but still it looks like it has promise in singleplayer

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60 fps in the weakest machine of next gen, they are not willing to make it much better than it is now

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Oh no you don't! I'm not falling for this anymore

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This was a REVEAL. Not an effin demonstration demo. So whiney..... Go cry somewhere else

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If we don't get to play as that dog, I'm not buying.

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Well,it looks the only great thing about next gen is going to be the music.

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This is it? This is new gen? Can barely see any difference...I came here because people were going crazy about the graphics. "The dog even has a tattoo inside his ear"...that's attention to details, not graphics >_>

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@Korvus85 its a giant leap for cod, it looks better than battlefield bad company 2

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@leandrro @Korvus85 who cares for CoD? It will always be a shitty game for 14 year old kids

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@Jamesp2005 @SamehH99 LOL yeah because adults never curse? lmao what world do you live in man

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@SamehH99 You care enough to comment. Also, I find it funny you vulgar language when saying it's a game for kids. Cursing is the mark of maturity.

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@leandrro Perhaps, but unfortunately a big leap for COD doesn't mean all that much, does it? :(

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another cgi movie. not impressed. what's being 'revealed' anyway?

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@cuddlyfuzzle its not cgi

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@marlobc @cuddlyfuzzle I don't give a f**k what it is. not impressive at all.

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sweet, didn't know they were doing a MW3 expansion, pretty excited for this

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playing the game, will be no different from watching this trailer.

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This is the "new engine" they were clamouring about? *sigh* but I have to say good trailer it's intriguing and shows some emotional connection that past games lacked. I'm hoping this game is good because COD 4 is one of the best modern day FPS and it's sad to see what the series has come to . I hope this game brings back the "good" COD.

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Wow, this actually looks pretty interesting, looking forward to it. I gotta say, though, there's barely any graphical improvement over the other Call of Duty's.

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Some months ago Activision showed a new engine. It kept me interested if the next COD will be using it. Alas, so very dissapointed.

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Seems almost like they're focusing more on the single player and story. I probably will not be getting it, but I am still pleasantly surprised. Also, people are complaing too much about the engine. I think it looks quite nice.

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@CBN16 Even I am very surprised, good trailer but I wouldn't fall for the trailer if I were you. They have always made kick-ass trailers but the games never make the cut.

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Good job Activision. Showing off current gen graphics at a next gen reveal. And it's not even great current gen fidelity.

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ha their tagline should have been, this game is all we've got

sincerely activison

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It's a shame because it looks like the plotline for this one is finally changing for the better. Yet the graphics stay rooted in the past. BF3 on max settings is a better looking game.

It'll take 2 more CoD games before the engine starts to really look next gen.

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so emotional music ..........

now show me gameplay.. by the way is this the new engine lol.

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Wow I can't believe they are making the same game for the seventh time now

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no fps this fall for me im all in gta 5 and watch dogs

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Wow this is a new engine? And I thought Frostbite 3 was bad.