Call of Duty: Ghosts - Next Generation Reveal Trailer

Witness the next generation of Call of Duty when Ghosts comes to the Xbox One later this year. New world. New story. New, next-gen engine.

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what's the difference compared to the latest title? It still looks the same to me. Again copy-paste. Don't spend your money again for more of the same!

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Look like crap

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I'm not a Sony Fanboy. But the textures look just as good as Metal Gear 4: Guns of The Patriots did on PS3! That was as great as graphics got for me in 360-PS3 era...Looks like we hit the apex folks.

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@CW1252 lol you do know MGS 4 was released at the beginning of this console gen right? The visual were excellent at the time (and are still excellent for this console gen), but for next gen, Ghosts does not impress me at all.

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@Earthen80 @CW1252 Yeah, thats what I was implying in my post. I played games that 'good-looking' already. I was expecting to be wow'ed but I'm not gonna deny it isn't impressive; being that it's Xbox and all. Its good..but NOT 'revolutionary'.

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Dont you dare forget the DOG. They are really pushing their franchise forward. Do you know any other game with a DOG? A fully animated DOG.

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I hear you can be Benicio del Toro in this game. Treyarch's next gen black ops3 will be better.

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Okay what the **** that I've seen better games this gen.

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found the trailer opinion.but then again i play the cod series only for casual recreation, not for immersion.

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@ch35dlgl @mediarays what is fake American ?

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@ch35dlgl Cool I never posted an offensive comment or I am not a rich boy either just my opinion that's it

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@ch35dlgl @mediarays So you are saying that one who hates this game is a fake American ? lol

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@mediarays @ch35dlgl fake american gamer are people like you people work hard to make console game for people to buy and play but instead trashi american doesnt like it this i fake american

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@sgt_F79 @mediarays That's why I specifically mentioned single player note that point

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Sit down I wanna tell you a story. Once once upon a time, PC gamers can go **** themselves, the end.

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Very touching trailer...

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yay you get a dog

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Honestly I have seen current-gen games that look better than this -_-

Graphics doesn't make a game but this looks downright ugly and so not next-gen especially considering the fact that this is a linear 6 hr game

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COD has strong story line than Battlefield for singleplayer but the presentation is not nice and they still follow that old graphics engine.Thats the problem.

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Are you kidding me I'm going to be very disappointed if tom Clancy's don't giant lawsuit for

copy paste tom Clancy's ghost recon

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@uyjr Ghost recon graphics are outstanding I repeat

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@Luis Duron Idiot.

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I have a question that I actually want to hear opinions to: If CoD next gen could play 24-32 players with bigger maps, would you buy the game? Assuming you can fit this many people, I'd assume there would be vehicle use in the multiplayer (think CoD 3).

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@ThatPjYouKnow21 24-32 is current and previous gens. Them rising to that count will only bring them barely up to standard. Player count wont be anything to boast about until they enter the 64+ realm (PC shooters current standard).

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@ShimmeringSword @ThatPjYouKnow21 I don't think they should use resources to increase the player count. I think it would change up CoD a lot. I'd rather see more dynamic environments or something. Plus high player counts are sort of Battlefield's territory.

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"It would change up CoD a lot." YES! That's exactly what they need at this point. I think a 32 player count and bigger maps would benefit the game a lot in a good way for a change. They obviously haven't been using their resources wisely anyways, so why not up the count?

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BF3 graphics...

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@charlesdao I was thinking that. Doesn't even look as good as Battlefield 4.

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@Kryptonbornson @charlesdao are you 2 mad? It doesn't even look half as pretty as BF3.

The sad thing is this is supposed to be on their new engine too. Goes to show everyone just how much hype is behind CoD, and how little actual skill/talent.

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@jetfire71 considering what franchise this is representing... yeah.

Isn't this teaser tied to the reveal-launch of the new Xbox? So it's supposed to represent next-gen standards.

Add to that the fact that Infinity aren't exactly known for innovation when it comes to visual improvements, quite the opposite... any tweaking they do on top of this is going to still be WAY behind what is noew considered standard for the leading AAA titles/developers.

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@eriktkire @Kryptonbornson @charlesdao u think the graphics u saw were final product...

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@Kryptonbornson @charlesdao That is because COD is a primary-current gen game being ported to next-gen consoles...but I'm really not looking forward to this game.

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its going to be worst game in call of duty series

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Lol, the scene with the lone guy with his dog alongside reminded me of Fallout.

If MP is going to be

tiny, small maps

9vs9 players max.

10 perks with 10 anti-perks

unranked dedicated servers (looking from a PC perspective)

I'll do like I did for the last 2 games (MW3, BlOps2). I'll skip it completely.

SP? Whatever. Americans fighting for their freedom against an unknown, new superpower. At the end you chose to save the dog or the World and your dog dies and you wrap him in the USA flag crying like a baby with soft music playing in the background.


P.S. Trailer was nice because of the music. No rappers or POP songs.

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Um... I don't really get what I just watched. I thought it had a new graphics engine? Doesn't look that much better.

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Who else think that the graphic is not much of a improvement since COD 4,

But I gotta says the trailer look interesting.

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That dog is going to end up being shot. Calling it now

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@VitaminC28 Yep, if it's not a white guy, it's gonna die.

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I swear, if this story involves a dog, I will lose it. All the way back to Old Yeller through I Am Legend, the story of a boy and his dog gets me every time. In fact, **** it; I'm watching Old Yeller.

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=O 0:11 that flag has 48 stars #subliminalmessages

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This actually looks like it could be pretty good, my one and only wish for the next gen of COD games, please update the weapon sounds, they are f'ing terrible and sound more like someone farting at you rather than actually shooting.

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Damn that looks hot. Anyone who says something like "meh" after that is full of shit. The graphics look amazing, the action looks incredible, and they are taking the game in a whole new direction.


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@GT_APE Are you serious? The graphics aren't even as good as BF3, the action is just usual action, and the direction is nothing that hasn't been done before. Don't get all pumped just because they used a piano for music rather than dubstep, this is going to be another typical COD title not worth buying.

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@ShimmeringSword @GT_APE Brah, you obviously didn't grow up playing games on the Commodore 64 like I did. LOL. Watch the video again and look at the dog. It looks realistic. I believe those were in game graphics.

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Graphics don't look much different, but it looks like they are finally taking a different approach to the game. Have to wait and see though.

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@lilmcnessy It's harder to tell from this compressed video and high speed action. Watch the one where they do a side-by-side comparison with MW3 models for a better idea.

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OH wow its another call of duty, oh for the love of gaming just make another Quake or Unreal Tournament game, we've had enough of this crap, i want to go back to fragging people with the rail gun on free for all servers, now that was the FPS genre at its peak not this crap, please just make another Quake or UT game please...