Call of Duty: Ghosts - Next Generation Reveal Trailer

Witness the next generation of Call of Duty when Ghosts comes to the Xbox One later this year. New world. New story. New, next-gen engine.

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Am I the only one around here who's actually interested in the story, not give a damn about the graphics?

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cod games its like a zombi dead but undead,cod i buried you for a long long time now stay the f@@k down, someone stick astakein the heart of the ''zombi'' to die forever

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What's so next gen about it? Even the water effect looks like the one in MW2.

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Looks like 4 hours of in game cutscenes and 1 hour of scripted gameplay in SP.

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Interesting new perspective, if you ask me, and unusual setting.

I want to play as the dog.

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I dunno.
It's closer to what I consider "photo-real" but it's still not at the point where I have to do a double take to make sure it's not a photograph.

Way back when Crysis came out on the PC, there were moments when I really thought I was looking at a real screen-grab from a camera or photograph.
I know COD isn't the king of what to expect for photo-realism, but there are some things that to me still look fake. The water for example looks way too CGI, rocks and stuff like that still don't compare to Crysis on PC.

I know, I know, it's a shooter, why should I care?
Well, I don't for a shooter, but first releases on a new system are supposed to "WOW"
the user as to what the system can do, and so far I don't see any real "wow: moments with this COD.

Maybe I need to look at other games because I'm sure not a COD/MW fan boy.

As far as the XB1 vs PS4 debate, I have owned both the 360 and PS3 during this gen, and looking back I would have stuck with the PS3 from the get go, knowing what I know now.

I'm not a fan of motion and voice controls.
I'm a 40 year old Husband and Father, so there are many times when I can't use voice or motion controls when I want to game. Say 3 am on a Saturday night when every one else is sleeping. Let me always have the choice of using 100% controller control. Xbox 360 took that option away with a lot of the "Kinetic required" games that I would have loved to try.

I'm not your typical 360 on the big-screen in the living room gamer. My PC and consoles are all connected to a gaming monitor in my bedroom so I don't have the need or room for 5 feet back distances needed for motion controls and if I wake my wife up at 3 am because I HAVE to use a voice control to use my system, well that system won't be for me because I don't feel like having to sleep on the couch for pissing of my wife.

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At 0: 25 there are light shafts to the right...but the sun is in front! Nice one CoD...

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@CUDGEdave I paused it then I lol'd. hell the kids won't mind. batman's trailer is far more impressive to me.

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Can I have likes for no reason?

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@toderascu23 no problem kid

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BF is far removed from CoD...."like a man from a god"

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OMG THIS LOOKS AMAZ... Like every other COD from the last 6 years.


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1:14 That part looks amazing, sadly anything else looks pretty much normal

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next gen graphics are overrated

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This will be the game inmates at Guantanamo Bay will be subjected to, since waterboarding has been outlawed.

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I thought it was interesting that they seem to be going for a completely different tone this time around. Usually COD trailers are all bombast, dubstep, explosions and crazy action. This trailer was trying to be all mopey and emotional. It seems like a weird shift in direction. Its not like anyone buys COD for the deep personal drama so I'm not sure who this trailer is marketed to.

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@ZRavN I don't see anything different here, other than the melancholic music in the background. There are still bombastic explosions and unreal events taking place.

Ok maybe it is a little different, but the last half of it isn't :P

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@ZRavN I think the general population has grown weary of the Michael Bay type presentation of gaming and want more drama and personal connection to their gaming experience. I know I do.

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@jdwohlever @ZRavN Sure I feel the same. But michael bay style is what brings in the big sales numbers and Its no secret that COD is marketed more towards kids and adolescents than any other demographic. Given the success of the franchise in the past it just seems odd to me that they would be willing to change the branding.

I'm guessing the actual game is just the same old COD experience regardless of what they are marketing the game as.

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In all honesty if I'm going next gen I want to be able to see and feel that it is just that. I like COD but am not impressed by this and was hoping they would take time to create something special for next gen, doesnt look like thats happening.

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@LukeWesty The word complacency comes to mind. Where's the initiative to change when the company rakes in astronomical profits in sales. Agreed, Ghosts won't be the 'leap' gamers are expecting. If I were to guess, graphics get a minor boost and gameplay stays the same. CoD 1, 2 and 4 my fav's. rest is shit imo.

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@heat_masheet @LukeWesty Lol, berating a game with no gameplay, gunplay, or even any bases for comparison to the other games. You saw 2 minutes of a guy talking, people standing around and holding guns! "This gaem are badz!1!11!!"-Idiots complaining.

This isn't exclusive to CoD, people do this for ANY trailer that comes out, and you're clearly one of them. The opposite happens to causing unnecessary hype, like Dead Island, or Diablo.

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@heat_masheet @LukeWesty The "leap" may come from BF4.

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All I want to ask right now, and yet again for another COD game (especially Infinity Ward COD game), who's doing the soundtrack?

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I hope that wasn't next gen, looks just like ps3/xb360 COD.

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This new Cod look great i like it like all Cod before.

On this post is 80% Batllefield fans who dont like Cod and are childish but at end we know who will be KING of FPS one and only Call of Duty.

Now CRY Bf fans cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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@Mamu-ti i played all the cod games upto the point where, i would wait 10 minutes to matchmake on a server overseas and get 160+ ping... thats frigin annoying... i have my dislikes with battlefield, but atleast the company is moving forward with their game engine in all areas (physics/mechanics/gameplay/visuals/) even story, the original bf had no story or coop, atleast the new game had some, which comparing only to bf's past is a step "forward"... the only progress forward cod's made is content... i will say the customization of weaponry is fantastic... but there's only so much you can add to a weapon before it becomes rediculous (e.g. mounted rpg to m5k)... but thats enough ranting for me

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@Mamu-ti Are you the biggest loser in all of gaming history?! I'm guessing you are maybe 10 or 11 years old? I like both games in their own ways but obviously you have no clue about games and game development. CoD rules man!! No BF is awesome dude!! Bugger off back to Grade 5 you child!

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@Mamu-ti i'm crying of laughter T_T

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I've been there for CoD since 2003. I've had my ups and downs with the series and proclaimed BOII the last in the series I'll buy. This game hasn't changed that opinion. While I don't rag on the series as much as other people do, I do think it's vastly overrated, and while I can't criticise anything of the game based on this trailer (Like many of you idiots are), I can see it isn't too impressive. Sad to say BF3 has graphics just as good or better than this. I'm sorry to say but congrats CoD, you went from 2007 graphics in 2012 with BOII, to 2011 graphics in 2013. To be fair BF4 doesn't look THAT much better. I still think Crysis 3 cranked to max looks way better, and Killzone Shadow Fall, but what'er yah gonna do?

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@dxBIGBOSSxb did you just call ppl idiots for 'ragging' on the game and you did the same thing? grats.

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@heat_masheet @dxBIGBOSSxb 1. The idiots who are ragging about the gameplay, and graphics are proclaiming this game another rehash despite NO GAMEPLAY or even any action scenes to back that statement up.

2. I never 'ragged' on the game myself. I stated that I wont get it, and that it doesn't impress me all that much. My comment stating it upgraded from 2007 to 2011 in terms of graphical fadelity isn't so much an insult as I clearly pointed out after that that it is still visualy pleasing, just not at the levels of Crysis 3, or even BF4.

3. You can't comprehend reading worth a s***. Grats :)

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From the creators of Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare? OH REALLY ?!?! Weren't they fired and formed Respawn Studios ? It doesn't really take ten years to forget I guess :D

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I think the only aspect of the game that is next gen, is fish with intelligence. Now that is a revolutionary step towards the future.

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Everything is ugly in this game, but the water is the worst that I have ever seen.

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stupid haters, go and do somthing better, i like COD

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@gnomz Do you consider this next-gen? LOL How can they say that this is a next-gen COD if it looks like a slightly better version of MW3 for Wii U?! It looks horrible!

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@gnomz nice one gnomz its nice to know someone doesnt like choosing a fast car over slow even its the same a car

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game looks rubbish, nothing next gen about it.

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next gen wont happen because of guys like you gamers these days trashing instead playing how ironic

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@ch35dlgl games like battlefield 4 and watch dogs are pushing the limits into the Next Gen, offering Incredible graphics with innovative gameplay mechanics. here you have Call of duty ghost a game using the same re-hashed engine that looks exactly the same way it looks the past 4 years with slightly better graphics, and the same corridor style gameplay. Total Rubbish

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@Lazy_Marine @ch35dlgl Really!! Tell me one thing that changed from Battle field 1 to Battlefield 3 in terms of gameplay and inovation. I will tell you, Graphics!!!

Looks like your understanding of Gameplay and innovation is flawed.

I was a COD fan before but stopped buying it after MW2. Not a big fan of yearly installments.

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@Lazy_Marine @ch35dlgl There is nothing next gen about Battlefield 4. Just a new HUD overlay and maybe a few weapons. A few minor graphical twitches here and there and a new campaign.

How is it any different from CoD? I'm not taking sides here but what you're saying is BS.

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@ch35dlgl Because Gamers demand progress, technology and innovation, none of which CallofDuty Ghost offers.

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@Lazy_Marine @ch35dlgl yeah i understand watch dogs is the best game i seen so far but my point is gamer these days whats all the fuss about please

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@sgt_F79 @SourPatchRash Great point, like PC gamers would feel treated 'cause a teenage game is coming for the next xbox first.

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This is the best game ever because it has a dog and fish that get out of the way !

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looks beautiful cant wait to get it on xbox one.. i love the COD storys

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haha they finally innovated and it still looks outdated. Let's just hope they actually change something gameplay wise.