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the old same SH**T of noob game call of duty ;)

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well this is the same old cod :\ will better play bf4 :)

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Yes, now i get to kill women

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hahaha this looks so shit

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TITANFALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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just the same as every Cod.....but with some battleifeld elements and with better graphics

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Show me air support and ill show you the money. Scew this battlefield version of Cod.

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only here for eminem, that track is dope

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These graphics look so much better!! And women soldiers, omg infinity ward needs to slow down nobodies gonna be able to keep up with them.

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@erking1991 WHAT! please tell me your joking right?

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@Thirstierstone Finally someone with an open mind.....at least you will do both.......

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This damn music causes headache!

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Looks great!! Hmm, vacation in November?!!

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Only bothered watching for the new Em track. Can't wait for the 2013 album.

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*yawn* Looks like the same old copy and paste Garbage. Good job activision on the SCRIPTED DESTRUCTION, at the rate your going you are only 10 years behind Battlefield.

P.S. Activision when you sign an artist, sign someone that at least one person actually listens to. Eminem is a nobody now and has been for at least 5 years.

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@quidditch3 Eminem is a nobody? He's the best selling artist of the millennium and his 2010 album was the best selling of that year. The facts don't support your statement.

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@UltraredM @quidditch3 That was 3 years ago....get with the system,

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@kingluke663 @UltraredM @quidditch3 Ok watch and observe how his new album sells like crazy **cough**hater**cough**

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All IW's got to do is too find a way to make servers for grown ups only so we dont have to be with the annoying brats screaming, "IM GONNA TELL MY MOMMA ON YOU IF YOU DONT STAHP KILLIN ME STAHP STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPPPPPPPP!!!! MOMMA HE KEEEPS KILLWIN ME!!!,'

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@radcrab123 turn your mic off then - that's what I do

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COD Ghosts looks like a piece of poop wrapped in bacon...

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First COD developers gone to new company " RESPOWN ENTERTAINMENT " and after 4 years hard working they create one fantastic game named TITAN FALL. you can find COD legendary seances in TITAN FALL you can check it and i am pretty sure that you can find too much differences and you can find real Next generation game . http://uk.gamespot.com/titanfall/

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Eh, personally I see more change in Ghosts from BO2 than I do in BF4 from BF3... Yeah I'm gonna stick with CoD for another year. Call me when EA announces a new Bad Company, because then I'll actually be interested.

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@Gigawattblade CoD Ghost and Black Ops 2 are made by different companies, Ghost is by Infinity Ward and Black ops by Treyarch that's why they are so different.....mean while battlefield 3 and 4 are the same story line and company..........

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@Gigawattblade The whole scope of BF3/4 is completely incomparable to the shallow gameplay regurgitation that has unfortunately clearly continued to be a mainstay of the Call of Duty franchise.

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@blkgto @Gigawattblade blah blah, EA is trying to win cod fans, just look at their recent mass effect 3, and dead space 2 and 3. Also the last medal of honor copied cod SP, and bf3 SP did the same.

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@kingluke663 @razor_rj @blkgto @Gigawattblade COD competed against medal of honor,then it moved away from ww2 and gave shooters a fresh new take, then everyone started following it, and obviously they kept the recepy since it sells, but what does cod steal from battlefield ? it doesnt even include veicles.

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@razor_rj @blkgto @Gigawattblade last I checked battlefield was a original franchise and it is very clear that Ghost is stealing all of the main elements of Battlefield multiplayer......

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@DarthLod I love FPS games but am now getting too old for online play (I lost count of how many people my mother has slept with or given a BJ to...little dig at COD kids there if you didn't get it :D) so I prefer SP games, I must admit that the whole MW series story was ok so I enjoyed the single player experience.

lets see where this one takes us , if they can start as strongly as they did with MW1 it may be a playable game. I have never cared about graphics really, Elite is one of my favourite games and still is in the form of Oolite and everyone knows that CSS was best played with low settings and screen res.

So why is everyone getting all bent out of shape about how it looks ?? surely the most important thing is how it plays ??

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@DarthLod Why?

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Oh here we go again with more COD vs BF bullshit......... this is about as pointless as the Xbox/PS argument.

And people if you want COD to get the message and be a little more different DON'T BUY IT

Im now off to find a brick wall to repeatedly smash my face into it...

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@qewretrytuyiuoi you don't have to like BF to know COD is stale, over selfhyped, and has become incredibly dull....Don't worry many of us aren't buying it and that number I think is going to start growing

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@JOHN1486 @qewretrytuyiuoi It has been said a few times already that it is unlikely CoD would continue to be a top Contender in the FPS market if it could not innovate drastically. I think we have seen that they have failed to do so.

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@blkgto @JOHN1486 @qewretrytuyiuoi stale ? did you see the dynamic enviroment ? bf doesnt have that, the closet we got was bad company 2, but EA toned down destructibility in bf3. i'm still waiting for a proper rain map on battlefield, or a night one, EA doesnt like night maps becouse of casuals who keeps dying.

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This looks like every other COD game I've ever played.....for a minute there I was worried and I thought they might do something different.....nope

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not even slightly impressed by this. so much for "new engine" the game looks almost the same as it has for the last few years with slightly improved lighting and textures. same robotic movement and death animations, same gunplay. and wow some things in the maps that are pre-designed to fall over. amazing innovation. think ill stick to battlefield

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COD black ops + battle field + ghost recon = COD ghosts.

BF: Dynamic world, app, Actions, runs, knifing but shootings same as before with no recoil

Ghost recon : chopper drone and hiding

COD black Ops: Environment and guns.

But game stayed in small maps no way for Snipers. you can check the game-play ( just shoots and dead )



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u kno the thing that kills me is the people thats gonna pay an extra 100 dollars for xbox one,an only play this one game.if ur gonna buy this game u mite as well wait till cod converts fully over to next gen,cuz the shiit dosent even look that much different from the 360 version

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You can see the destruction is limited to a set of predefined objects.

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1:05 "Infected" ;-)

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what is the name of this song?

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@hishamramzan It's Eminem feat Skylar Grey -- "Survival".

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@19James89 @hishamramzan thanks i tried using soundhound but it couldnt recognize it because of the gameplay sound

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they didnt only copy the building destruction dynamics and knife animation from bf3 but they also copied eminem from bf3 trailer thats not fair

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@XamirX Dont forget the App, Helicopter sniping.......3 person solider in customization and so on......

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I'm a cod hater, I'll admit it, but there was something about the environmental destruction...if the gameplay can vary that much, then the game might be pretty cool. Also, it seems the knife has become more visceral to use (an improvement, IMO)

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lol instant death casual game. same old COD, people buy this? o.O