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lol cute. GTAOnline please.

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I quit this series when MW3 came out but i still come back to watch the trailers just to laugh and congratulate myself for moving and finally seeing how big of bullshit this game was/is.

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Well to be honest not jaw dropping impressed but still finding it a lil bit better than the last one(at least from the trailer). I REALLY hope they improve on their engine though, it's 2013 already, not to mention next-gen is on the horizon (though I'm a mainly PC player). I quite enjoy their single player story line.

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Anyone else notice that they didn't show the dog doing a DAMN THING in multiplayer? Arguably their biggest "innovation" for this entry into the series and...nothing.

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@rawkstar007 lol wtf....the dog was in the beginning, it follows you around and kills people who try to kill you

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Only thing that was interesting and new is the "cranked" game mode. Everything else is the same. "Search and rescue" looks like another variant of "kill confirmed". And the funny thing is, the feature which they are boasting about the most- the dynamic destruction and alteration of the map due to this destruction, is a blatant and shameless rip-off from their rivals battlefield 3. Actually COD has been copying from bf3 for quite some time now. MW3 and BO2 copied the weapons level up(the more you use a weapon the more equipment you unlock for it) as well. Oh but they added female characters, so all's well

I won't lie. This looks like fun but its a fact, which cannot be denied. That Ghosts is just copying bf3's elements (even in the knife animations wow!) and serving it up as something new and fresh

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@hella_epic actually the search and rescue reminds me of dodgeball. if you catch an opponent's ball (in this case get the tags of a dead enemy) they are out. also, if you catch a ball, one of your guys can come back in (in this case get the tags from a dead teammate) which could be kinda fun

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SAME THINK EVERY YEAR ........any way waiting till 26/10 ... BF4 ...sMoooookin

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@chechak7 Isn't that the same thing every 2/2.5 years?

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@19James89 @chechak7 not at all buddy play bad company 2 an then play battlefield 4.COMPLETELY different.

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@19James89 @chechak7 NO

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haters. haters everywhere!

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@vashish39 Yet half of these haters will go and buy Ghosts when it launches in November.

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@19James89 @vashish39 Sad yet true.......i no later on im going to end up playing it.....force of habbit

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@kingluke663 I wouldn't advise buying a game for the sake of it. Buy it if you think you're going to enjoy or definitely know you're going to enjoy it. Otherwise you're just wasting your money.

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@diabloiq @1RazvanClaudiu - Agreed. I've said "kind of, reminds me of NFS MW". In NFS MW there were elements in the environment which if you've hit, they would have collapsed.

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@diabloiq @JoeGamer1234 @Sam_021 Last gen engine on next gen console...

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looks boring, nice job copying DICE with the knifing...

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@diabloiq Focusing on the negative I see. People always find something to bitch about COD.

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So much nerd venting on gamespot today over COD Ghosts.

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Same shit, new dressing.

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@diabloiq @derceto I was afraid of that. Damn that looks awful, and I was genuinely wondering if it was maybe PS3/X360 gameplay. Ah well, haven't touched CoD in a few years now. This certainly won't sway me back.

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I came here hoping it would still be shit.

I was not dissapointed.

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Nice, looks good, some minor improvements, still generic but they cant alienate their Fan Base, i hope this turns well for fans and newcomers

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haa still shit to me

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This is the same game and song as the commercial that aired in 2009 back when MW2 was released. Oh, they added a girl. My bad.

Nice marketing.

EDIT: oh, and now dogs have headsets. Enjoy.

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The haters are worse than the fanboys. Ghosts looks badass! What I find particularly funny is that these people bitching about Call of Duty graphics are the ones milling on about gameplay over graphics. Call of Duty is just genuinely fun and even haters have to admit that. The only reason that anyone should hate on Call of Duty is because of Activisions servers under constant attack.

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Yea right... I agree the haters are worst then the fanboys nowadays and that's fuckin sad...

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@JoeGamer1234 When the one defense the developers had for the bad graphics is that the game runs at 60 fps, while its a lazy excuse it was legitimate. Now on next gen every game runs at 60 fps and looks way better than COD. And people hate on COD because they have been making minimal changes to the game for the last seven years now eight. The formula is old and people have gotten bored of the same thing year after year.

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Only so much you can do to a military fps though man.. Thing about it for a sec

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@DrizztDark They have a dog with cameras running around on the front lines calling this a military shooter is insulting to the military, this is just a shooter, and they can change it as much as they want the developers choose not to because they are cheap and lazy.

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This will be fun for about 5 minutes. then the novelty of new maps and guns will where off and everyone will be sick of the exact same game mechanics theyve been churning out for god knows how long.

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@Diegoctba I always see you here trolling everyone. Get a job.

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So this is the new DLC for Black ops 2?

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now check bf4 multiplayer trailer to check the difference between current gen and next gen visuals

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i always play halo but i try it this year :)

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cant believe they used the same engine, the same animations, the same visuals

it looks like sh**********

why you need next gen hardware for a past gen game??

2010's bad company 2 looks better than this crap


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I love COD even more now. And Eminem!

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They should play this song over pikmin 3 gameplay.

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Wow, how much has this copied Battlefield 3...

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@scowny97 They only copied the dynamic maps thing, the rest... i don't know :/

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It's a military fps bro... You and your haters are fucking morons

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@DrizztDark Why so aggresive its the internet people going to hate.....deal with it...

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dislike.....just music was good.....cod disappointed me after bo2.

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@alexfrica At least DICE don't make a new ''patch'' each year and did concentrate into adding nice new features. Was about time COD add environment destruction....

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A trailer with swearing in the sound track &_& they know how to get all the little kids excited don't they. I guess they need to with the total lack of interest recently in COD ghosts and its next gen old gen engine and same old same old gameplay, smacks of desperation to me.