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I'm done with Ghost the spawning is horrible and the hackers I can't take it anymore. I traded it in a gamestop.

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What pisses me off is that Microsoft is contributing more money for the DLC's. On these kinds of games. The season pass holders get it 2 months earlier than the PS People with a season pass do. That is totally biased in my opinion, i mean, at least, make a compromise, get the DLC early out to PS Season Pass holders on April, not May FFS, like everyone else. Come to think of it, The Season Pass benefits Xbox the most in here.

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I'm actually looking forward to this DLC. This game just keeps getting better. #RealGamerLeague #TeamDisPatchGaming approves!!!

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Didn't onslaught just come out at the end of January for xbox users and im pretty sure PlayStation and PC just got it 2 weeks ago