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Join us this week on The Lobby as we talk Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta, Battlefield 1 Review, Mafia 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, and which shooter is for you.

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I don't care 1 bit about any of those FPS games! get to Red Dead!

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After all the reviews i've seen i won't be bothering with mafia 3 ever.......thanks for fracking the game up Hangar 10 or whatever......

as for Red Dead.......I've lost faith in rockstar as a dev and I'll leave it at that....

I'm not touching any of the big shooters coming out......for me Wolf TNO and DOOM are more my style.....frack war games, all of em are boring.......

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CoD has become a bit too much for my taste. Flying around the map with what might as well be superpowers and using magical guns, ON TOP OF score streaks and "rigs", while leveling up your guns, your faction, and your overall progress.....

Its lost its soul in favor of more flash.

I look forward to playing Modern Warfare mp, though, it may be my favorite of all the CoDs.

Now, Battlefield 1----they seem to have gone more towards the Modern Warfare style of stripped down play, and so far, its the best Battlefield since Bad Company. In fact, im going to go back to playing it right now.

I think Titanfall is interesting but im going to wait and see before i think about buying it.

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@Alecmrhand: totally agree. I left COD and started Battlefield 1. Even though I'm getting smoke- its a much better game. COD should something like Vietnam- that would be cool. Crazy jungle combat.

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Shadow Warrior 2 kicks all these games in the wang.

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@SingletreeAve: but they just turned it into a looter shooter and left the potential by the's a cool game, looks good and all but i agree with what Totalbiscuit said when you're looking at your loot more trying to get like .01% improvement in damage that isn't fun....

Borderlands loot was better cus yes you get a ton of junk guns but once you have enough cash to buy a better gun it's worth in a way nothing was worthless and Pre Sequel was cool cus of the grinder.....grinding stuff up to get better stuff, that's actually cool IMO i'd rather do that than waste time slotting .01% gems onto a gun WTF man???

the Shadow Warrior reboot was cool cus they just made most of the stuff fun and more useful, levels weren't that hard but enemies got to be harder to down as you went.....I don't mind that, again they took a good game and made it worse just to appeal to mass audience....

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It's like Scott never played a game before 2005. Tons of early 2000s games had linear storylines in open-worlds. It's like criticising Battlefield for having sounds besides gunfire, the other sounds aren't necessary to the gameplay.
Not every game needs to be a sandbox.

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@pongley: game is junk cus it's just a power fantasy and unrealistic......being unrealistic isn't that big a deal but when the power fantasy revolves around you being the one who wins WWI that's fracking stupid, WWI nobody really won, after the Armistice treaty Germany was fracked, the nation went into a national downturn or depression that in turn paved the way for hitler's rise and WWII, France, UK and USA really didn't win, we stayed out of the early years of WWII cus we remembered the first world war and didn't want a repeat cus it was pure hell but when USA entered the war we turned the tide toward the allies at great cost, every allied nation lost a lost something but we won the war....then the cold war started....

these games aren't educating anyone, aren't showing the horrors of war, aren't even being accurate at this point and it's all a big arcade factory......hey world war I pfft a winner is you git er dunnn........murica!!!!! it's stupid.....COD is the same way, they know it's a joke so they're doing fantasy future sh*t.....murica!!!! ugh games nowadays blow......there's a few good ones and mostly a bunch of successful trash games.....

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@darthrevenx: I think you may be talking about a different game. I was referring to his criticism of Mafia 3 being open-world.

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@pongley: even Mafia 3 is bad......same set of missions over and over, lackluster empire building etc......

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@darthrevenx: What's that got to do with what I said? I wasn't making a comment on the quality of the mission design.

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Pass on all. I will wait for Titanfall 2.