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So, I see someone showed Sledgehammer a certain game called Quake III Arena :D And suddenly - innovation springs up everywhere around us! :D

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This game will be just as beautiful as the previous ones :)

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hahahaha what a piece of s*** they did say titanfall was going multiplat pffff kids games

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call of duty. BESSSSSSSSSTTT GAME EVAR!!!!! looks the best on xbox one hahaha silly pc and ps4 dums hahahahhahaha!!!!!!!

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"Looks best on xbox one"

~ A dirty peasant

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Graphics on MP look total poop. MP gameplay is copied from Halo, Crysis & Titanfall, just proves all COD has left is to copy what others have done before and it still plays like a paintball game.

I cannot believe this is badged as a next gen title, compared with Halo master chief collection Sledgehammer should be ashamed of themselves when MP graphics are compared.

I bet its still 6v6 too, when BF has 64 players online

As always though 14 year olds will love it....

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@Messenger360p but call of duty was around before halo, crysis, & titanfall so wouldnt they have copied off cod?

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@Messenger360p "still plays like a paintball game"

What does that even mean?

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@Messenger360p SHHHH dumy. IT has the best grapichs than any game. Looks best on xbox FGS!!!!!!! get it right next time anyway im 11 not 14 so ha!

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Let's get some things straight.

Q: Lag?

A: All games have some degree of lag, but most likely you're misinterpreting it. If you don't have at least 5Mb up, you're going to get lag, caused by your own connection. Also, don't confuse you not being able to kill someone as lag; you just might be in denial about your actual skill level.

Q: Different game?
A: Most people want the same game because they like it. What exactly are you looking for?

Q: Hackers/cheaters?
A: It's quite difficult to cheat/hack without getting kicked or taking advantage of slight glitches that are yet to be patched. If you're getting dominated, you're probably just not good at the game.

Q: "Tweaking" kill matches aren't skill.
A: Look up visuospatial intelligence. You're wrong.

Q: Say no to Day One DLC.
A: Games are finished months before release. What would you want developers to work on between the time they finish and the release date?

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@saltlife225 Lag is mostly based on ping. Also, Black Ops 1 and Modern Warfare 3 run on a different system than the rest of the series using much more lag compensation. A lot of rage in those games are justified because you can be out of sprint animation shooting at a guy who is sprinting, get no hitmarkers and die, and in the reality (sometimes seen in killcam) the situation was exactly reverse. Trust me if lag compensation is brought back in Advanced Warfare I will complain and most of the community will, too. I think everyone wants dedicated servers. Personally, every COD besides BO1 and MW3 play good for me because I have very low ping (single digits to low teens, no packet loss, 0-2ms jitter). Even off host I tend to get into fair lobbies or at least reasonably fair. I don't need dedicated servers, but there are a lot of hardcore fans that don't have as good internet and do need it. Download and Upload speeds matter to a small extent or if you are running a lot of different things at one time. Also, being wireless adds latency on your default ping so it's best to plug your xbox/playstation directly into your router via ethernet. All this is getting way too nerdy. I don't see what all this talk really benefits, and I'm just rambling to try tou counter you. Bottom line, everyone should embrace dedicated servers so the game is more fair. Lag compensation is the plague that spawned for trying to find an alternative.

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I agree with most except the first one. You don't need 5MB up to have a lag free connection. Depending on your provider, you can have as low as a 1MB down and still play smoothly (although downloading updates and DLC will take you FOREVER). Really and truly the download/upload speed isn't the important factor there. It is something called latency, which is to say "how fast your connected machine can talk to the internet world and bring a message back". A lot of people get this confused with download or upload speeds...these are just the speeds of the internet service you are connecting to...not how fast you can make that connection. ISP's usually don't advertise their latency unless you ask for it. Usually a higher down/up comes with a higher latency but not always.

Let me end with two examples:

I had a friend who tried this new "satellite internet" that has no limit on location. He was getting a very high download speed (almost always in the 12+MB down). He could stream several movies at once with no problem, download music and movies very fast. BUT he had the worst latency and lets just say you wouldn't want to try to play CoD or any shooter on his internet connection.

On the other side, when I go to visit my parents I sometimes take my PS4. My parents aren't very "tech" oriented but they do have internet. Now their download speed is usually less than 1MB up and, although you would think that is horrible, I've actually been able to play very smoothly most of the time on their internet. Why is this? Well, although they had a low download speed, they had almost instant speed on their latency.

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I guess those that were duped into pre-ordering Ghosts will probably hold off for a while. Since everyone knows Ghosts was the worst. So till the reviews come out, patches/fixes, multiplayer lag issues, servers, latency bars, weapon balance, etc.

But that as well could be too much to ask for.

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@epicsymphony Modern Warfare 3 was the worst. Ghosts itself had the lowest pre-orders since World at War, and actually outsold its pre-release estimates on VGChartz.

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I thought I was done with COD games, but the campaign demo looked awesome no BS. I mean I wasnt into the idea of advanced warfare in COD seeing how it failed with Ghost Recon franchise. But from what I seen at least, I may get this just for the campaign.

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Stupid game though the soundtrack sounded great.

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Guns looks super fun to shoot.

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To be honest, the guns look more like toys and the mechsuit we saw had miniguns that looked terrible. In the spectator mode, the players kinda looked like dolls. I am not happy or excited with what is happening and like always I will get the game but not on the first week of release. Yes, I am 14 years old but I don't like toys and I am not a COD fanboy.

Here is a what I feel about the game after the vids-
1) Graphics - Next gen visuals but it is not colorful, looks muddy but the urban parts are okay.Similar to - THE DIVISION
2) Gameplay - Stable firefights boosted with jet packs. MP can be tough for newbies. Jumping looks fun.Similar to - TITANFALL
3) Models - SP character models are highly rendered and looks cool but the MP models of both characters and guns look like dolls with toys.Similar to - PLANETSIDE 2
4) Weapons - As said above, they are okay but they don't look so futuristic, colors like yellow or blue makes them look colorful but the actual game isn't. I saw some scopes looked bigger than the gun (notice the revolver) .Similar to - BLACKLIGHT RETRIBUTION
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looks a lot like titanfall , but i cant help but looking at it and seeing the same cod nothing is changed ,same small maps, same fast paced action for ppl with turrets , same physics , looks like a lot of makeup but no big game changers. oh and yeah i have noticed the jetpacks and im not impressed .

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@ferflohte I'm not sure what you're looking for. I like CoD and have bought every one since MW1.

If they make it 3rd person, I won't buy it.

If they make the maps too big, I won't buy it.

What more can you ask for?

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@saltlife225 @ferflohte uhm, a game with substance perhaps?

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@blkgto @saltlife225 @ferflohte What does that even mean?

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@saltlife225 @blkgto @ferflohte People just wanna bitch about something. Theres no pleasing. Game looks very intriguing tbh. And I swore off COD purchases after MW3. Though I played BO2 and hated it, glad I didnt buy.

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@Burriscold It does. I didn't care for Titanfall because of the lack of killstreaks and a good engine. This will fit nicely.