Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Editor Impressions

Danny, Chris, Erick and Jeff talk about their first impressions of CoD: Advanced Warfare.

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Why is that chinese guy wearing a bulletproof bra? Do they shoot tities at GameSpot?

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Not gonna lie, I'm really impressed with this game so far. But I can just hear the begging 12 year olds now....: "Yo 3LIT3_H4CKzzzz247 you got superdupertripleaxelmidairbetsyflipjump hack" or "Pleeeeeeease let me in the challenge lobby and give me unlock all please", and the one we'll be hearing the most, "Dude please give me god mode and super dash hack!!!". It's sad how a few hackers can take a good game like this and turn it into a wasteland like they did MW2....

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What is that dinlow strappy holster thing the tiddly next to fat bloke is wearing?