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Bust Ghosts While Running Your Own Clinic In Two Point Hospital

We sit down with Two Point Hospital developers and get a taste of their upcoming hospital game that lets you manage your staff, cure illnesses, and...remove ghosts?

Two Point Hospital is coming to PC this year, a game that throws a few unusual spins on the idea of a hospital sim. As you'd expect, you're tasked with maintaining and expanding the hospital by keeping it clean and efficient, but as you treat patients with unusual illnesses and expand your hospital empire, things get wacky.

We sat down with the two founders of Two Point Studios, the developers behind Two Point Hospital, to run through the game and give it a try ahead of its release. Check out the video above to see some of the gameplay in action and hear what they have to say.

Two Point Hospital is, in many ways, a business sim that tasks you with responding to new demands while maintaining the staff and bottom line of your hospital. For example, keeping things clean is pretty important. Don't hire a janitor and your hospital will get messy, you'll start losing morale, and patients won't come back. When patients come in with weird illnesses (like lightheadedness, which transforms your head into a lightbulb), you're tasked with building a specific ward for that. Then, there are the ghosts.

When your patients die in Two Point Hospital, they don't disappear. Instead they transform into ghosts who will haunt your hospital and pass their days scaring other guests. But hey, the janitor is back to the rescue; hire one with ghostbusting expertise and call it another day of work. We're still just getting initial details about the game, but follow GameSpot's Two Point Hospital coverage for the latest news and updates about the upcoming Steam game.