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Looks awsome.

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@Koruptshin This IS an open world game. What this shows you is the multiplayer portion.

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Actually, in the opening cinematic a guy that's hanging out with Riggs that after an intro of the band they work with, he proclaims that Metal is dead. But I tell you something, this game is gonna be awesome, and not only this, but Uncharted 2 comes out day 13 too. 2 games in one day is too much for my budget, but I HAVE to find a way. Even more with Ratchet & Clank coming out day 27. Bless you Rocktober and you list of awesome games set to launch on it.

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omg i thought this was a adventure game.

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Its Rocktober and I Cant wait! Next Tuesday is almost here.... The multiplayer looks pretty good. I will mostly be focused on single player aspect. Also having Eddy Riggs as a playable in multiplayer is interesting but I would have liked him to be reserved for single player - kinda like holding something back for later and that Eddy is super legendary in that world - too cool for any mortal to handle him in multiplayer - just a thought.

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I thought this game would be stupid....but demo suprised me and I had fun playing.

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@Marcoed52x If you don't like the demo, why would you get it if it gets good reviews? Demos are made so that consumers get an accurate representation of gameplay, graphics, story, etc. Good reviews won't make the game any better. Of course, I played the demo and I thought it rocked so I'm picking it up anyway. Who says metal is dead?

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HAY!!! it's rocktober 13 and the multiplayer is the main point of the game!

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OH MY GOD brutal legend just keeps looking better and better. I've played the demo 2 times every day....SO.....CLOSE!!!!!!

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I just can't wait... I'm downloading the demo but I'm afraid that it only makes me more anxious...ONLY 8 DAYS LEFT!!!!

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The Online mechanic kinda reminds me of Battle Realms

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Looks awesome i played the demo last night and it was cool how they put that together right as you awaken but i would have liked the demo better if it were longer

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The wait is killing me. :[

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The demo is cool...but man is it way to short....just as its about to get interesting it ends.

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This looks cool, still have to check out the demo tho.

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@Marcoed52x How did the demo lessen your opinion of the game? The gameplay was just as fun and amusing as expected (by me, anyway), the controls worked very well, it looked good, the voice acting was excellent, and the music kicked ass!

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i was exited for this, until i played the demo. i was very dissapointed, i dont think im getting this, unless it gets good reviews

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I can't take the WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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i just played the demo last night im impressed i dont have enough money at the moment to get nba 2k10, tekken 6 and now brutal legend.. i sell some games as oblivion and fable dont do it for me anylonger =)

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A bloody heavy metal action game with Ozzy and Jack Black lost in a Metal world? GREATEST GAME EVER!!! I can't wait... only 10 days left now.

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Awesome. Zach Hanks Voice Actor Brutal Legend

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the demo for this game is so f'n rad...i'm ready for full game now

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Please the Metal Gods? (Judas Priest?) I'm there!

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almost rocktober 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For those about to Rock... play this game!!

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cant wait

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I really enjoyed the demo, it's gonna be sweeet! But i don't think the multiplayer is the stronger point of the game.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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about what I expected, boring in my opinion.

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Man, I will shout "Brütal Victory!" everytime I win ( not in this guy's voice, but in that Mortal Kombat one)!

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Hopefully this video will spread awareness that this is not a Jack Black hack n slash game.

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just played the demo, it will be 20X better than grand theft auto 4!

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twisted, its like an rts but not really lol, i wont get it first day, i wanna see if there is going to be a pc version, if not, then ill get it for my 360.