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yeah so sorry. coz GS do great deep articles on the quality of life in the VG industry. a real bunch of journalist. keep on selling us CBS -_- forget about the rest, money is good right !

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The very best of luck Mr Levine. Please meet Lorne Lanning & please play "The Stanley Parable." I think you will like both.

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This is some bad news indeed. Bioshock won't be the same without him. Guess he wanted to break away before he went George Lucas.

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This makes me sad, Bioshock is one of the bets game series of all time. I'd easily call the original Bioshock the Game of the Decade 2000-2010.

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Usually what happens is you sell the studio to EA or someone, then quit and form a new studio. More profitable that way.

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Who cares. They were just peddlers of consolitis anyway.

Infinite was just a bunch of story ideas stolen from Star Trek, Quantum Leap and the TV series Fringe.

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@Sutava ^ Never played Infinite, watched a hate video.

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@delta5931 @Sutava Played it from start to finish, nice try fangirlyboi