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Borderlands 3: Zane's Shoulder Cannon And Professional Skill Tree Gameplay

Check out some new gameplay of Zane's 4th skill tree, and his new shoulder cannon that can flash freeze and blow up foes.

The Assassin Zane has a new tool to employ in his fight against the Psychos of Pandora in the upcoming Designer's Cut update for Borderlands 3. Check out some new gameplay of Zane's Shoulder Cannon, which can take out enemies in a flash.

On November 10, Borderlands 3 will see the beginning of its Year 2 content with the Designer's Cut update. One of the big highlights for this new content drop are the new skill trees for each of the vault hunters, allowing them to use additional action skills and buffs to alter their playstyles even more. GameSpot had the chance to get some early hands-on time with the Designer's Cut, and we spent some time experimenting with the new builds for the vault hunters.

In this video, we have some new gameplay of Zane utilizing abilities and buffs from the Professional skill tree, which grants him a new action skill called the MNTIS Shoulder Cannon. Zane is one of the more flexible vault hunters in Borderlands 3. Unlike other characters, he can equip two different action-skills at once (losing his usable grenade), making him great for clearing out waves of enemies on his own. His new action-skill, the MNTIS Shoulder Cannon, is another excellent addition to his particular set of skills. Essentially, it gives Zane something of a combat style that's akin to the Predator, the central antagonist from the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger action film. With the shoulder cannon, you can deal quick and massive damage to single target enemies. Initially, it can take some getting used to, as you'll need to have precise aim with your cannon's blasts since it offers little to no splash damage. Meaning it can be very easy to miss a shot. But if you can land a well-timed hit, then it can either deal with significant damage. If the enemy is vulnerable, a clean shot from the cannon can blow up them into bloody chunks. If you add in the cryo modifier and invest out Zane's skill points effectively, then the cannon is also capable of flash freezing enemies. There are different ways to utilize the shoulder cannon, and it can be really satisfying landing to use in battle.

We currently have gameplay for all the new skills and abilities for Moze, Fl4K, and Amara on GameSpot. Be sure to check back with us for more information on what's to come with the Designer's Cut update, along with some upcoming details on what the new Arms Race mode is all about.