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Bloodborne Speedrunner Reacts To Viral Reddit Clips

Bloodborne speedrunner HeyZeusHeresToast has over 6,000+ hours in the game, so he's the perfect person to react to and break down viral and funny Bloodborne moments from Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube.

Those that love Bloodborne inevitably will seek out content around it and anyone that has ever ventured into the world of streaming will no doubt be familiar with HeyZeusHeresToast. Known as the Blood God. Zeus is one of the best speedrunners in the business. His Awesome Game Done Quick runs are legendary not only for their display of high-level skill but also for being thoroughly entertaining.

To celebrate the anniversary of Bloodborne's launch, we decided to bring one of the most well-known members of the Bloodborne community, to provide his takes and reactions to some of the most viral clips that have been created around the game.

In the video you'll get to see Zeus witness a bug that even he hasn't seen in his thousands of hours of playing; break down against-all-odds PvP victories; marvel at disgusting new strategies of tricking enemy players, and jam out to funky remixes of the game's brilliant soundtrack.

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  1. Scott Jund, Arcane Confirmed Viable:
  2. u/artiih, After months of grinding, I finally beat Lady Maria at BL4 without Rolling, Sprinting, Quickstepping, Parrying, Buffs or Runes, and without taking damage:
  3. u/drakev3, Well, my first ever playthrough of Bloodborne and this happens...I feel incomplete now:
  4. Sir Siruin, Fake AFK strat:
  5. Kroolworld, Bloodborne PvP 2 on 1:
  6. Dig Nasty, Bloodborne trolling 4: Houdini the meanie:
  7. Lilith Walther, Bloodborne PS1 Demake WIP: World Textures 1/25/2021:
  8. Kazedmonks, Bloodborne Kart:
  9. Alex Moukala Music, Bloodborne is Funky (Ludwig, the Holy Blade Remix):
  10. Games Done Quick, Bloodborne by heyZeusHeresToast in 1:37:49 - AGDQ 2018 - Part 149: