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that's not cool at all. someone once said that the crowd has an IQ of a twelve year old? works here. clever marketing, but winds me up

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stop with the adssssssss i can't take it anymore !!!!

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You can say what you want, but thats awsome marketing. Almost got spellbound myself, but will probably try out ToR before I renew my WoW subscription for... 12 months oO..

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He sounds little bit infested

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once a beggar , always a beggar ... you were going to talk about the game, but instead it was an infomercial ...

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So this is how blizzard is trying to take a firm grip around people's necks before TOR launch. You shall not have my soul.

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Well you don't pay only for diablo III, if you already have a subscription to wow the only thing you do is commit to the monthly payment for a year, which you can already do for 3 and 6 months for a slightly smaller fee. By committing you get Diablo for free, an exclusive mount and beta acces to the next wow expansion for the money you would spend on wow anyway, presuming you keep playing for the next 12 months

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lol I would pay for a year if I could freeze my account anytime, but I always come to play wow a month or two then leave untill the next patch, last time I bought a 3 month sub, I left a month after. And also its alot more fun to get some friends and wait in front of the store at midnight (=.

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I'd never pay $180 for Diablo III.