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Battle Royale in general is crap.

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Free will always be king, you expect any less? I swear GameSpot are slowly getting dumber and dumber by the day....maybe even the hour 🤣

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Nah fortnite is trash. Pubg is better and even though blackout pisses me off at times I think it's better than fortnite by a long shot

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I thought that Fortnite was still king solely because it’s free...

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@worlse: you make all that, and find time to post about it on gaming websites? Impressive

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I want more unique skins, for sure. The emotes are good enough to me. They do lack music, though.

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Fornite is for the casuals, this so much better, end game fortnite is who can close themselves up better in a fort and win, I'll take Blackout any day over that over hyped crap

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As long as it doesn't have building or PUBG's jank, it's way, waaaaay ahead of those in gameplay, for me and many others. So whatever.