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"Q & A"

"We can't answer that, or that, or that, or that"


then **** off and don't host a Q & A until you can
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audio from Elementary. not being able to see what was shown on the screen. was it not allowed or something? this is the worst panel video I've seen. what happened?

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Seriously, whoever was responsible for recording this needs to lose their job.

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why is audio from Elementary playing in the background?

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The bad news about DA2 was that it was a disaster. The good news about it is that it lowered the bar so much, that the next DA will almost certainly feel like a great game in comparison.

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I couldn't agree more.

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@mishdogg It wasn't really a "bad game", it was just bad Dragon Age game, tbh, I enjoyed it, but it felt it was missing a lot of what made Origin so great.

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@Bhemont @mishdogg Yea you're probably right that it wasn't a bad game per se, if you evaluate it in vacuum. But anyone who ever played DA:O naturally uses that as reference. Given that Origins was a great game that set the bar quite high, DA2 really disappointed many people. I don't think it's far-fetched to say it was a disaster, but only in comparison to the first one.

I played DA2 once and never looked back. If I had to look at one more dungeon that was a carbon copy of the last one, I would've died of boredom. Soon after that I replayed DA:O a couple more times just to clear my mind.

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@mishdogg @Bhemont

I played it once as well. But I just HATE (because I also do it) being unable to enjoy something because its predecessor was so much better.

As of late, I really feel like going back and giving it another shot--I've got a fresh mindset and a few years of time that put me in that mindset. It's just... well, its missing Morrigan.

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THE FUCKING AUDIO!!! What the hell is going on! Somieone was listening or watching a movie during the Q&A!!

It's VERY annoying.

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Interesting talk at some points, some good questions & some good answers.

The voices on the background are pretty annoying in the beginning but luckily it didn't last long.