Big Three Breakdown

Get the highlights from the big three press conferences in this punchy video.

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But but.... Nintendo and Sony havn´t HAD pressconferences yet!

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@bondfan2 But they DID say you wouldn't play as Snake.

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for mgs rising they said raiden is a PLAYABLE character not the main character

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@hitman9898 your forgetting that its microsoft.... they also bragged about gta (r.i.p.)

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Why did Microsoft introduce Metal Gear Solid Rising? I think Sony should have.

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Mircosoft is the winner? is that a little bit premature game fking spot?

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that natal thing is awesome

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can the PS3 get me a pie, car, own the United Sates, One Billion Dollars, and a cookie? if it could then OMFG

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I really dont understand why alot of ppl out there say ms has more roster of games when most of them are multiplatforms, lol, as for there exclusives some of them are on the pc, so how could they have more ?? I aint no fanboy cus I own both ps3 and 360 but Im guessing the ps3 would have more and "actual" exclusives on the system....

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yeah project natal rly nailed it...

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so because microsoft has money to waste on celebrity cameos, NON-EXCLUSIVES (ALAN WAKE IS NOT EXCLUSIVE!!!!!), and a crapy natal camera (that glitched nearly 10 TIMES), it won best of show? Sony showed off god of war 3, uncharted 2, last guardian, FF13+FF13vrs.+14, and MAG, while Nintendo showed off way too many to even list. if this isn't proof the Gamespot is bais, i don't no what is

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omfg project natal looks awesome. gonna own the wii. did u c the dude (kinda) grab the paper from her?!? dam.

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there were all good but microsoft just had a lot of better games this year at e3

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nintendo did not fail they showed everything at e3 they had , , new super mario bros super mario galaxy 2 wii sports resort wii fit plus vitalizer sensor metroid the other m lol i also know they showed/announced zelda wii in the back

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This E3 was awesome.I think Nintendo showed the BEST GAMES but had definately the WORST PRESENTATION.Sony and Microsoft,as usual,have sick presentations and games but I would like to see Sony or Microsoft have more originality in their sequels like Nintendo but I gotta give this round to Microsoft...I had to seeing as Microsoft fanboys would flame me otherwise I would've said Nintendo,Sony,and Microsoft.

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@Decepticon_11 I dont think God of War 3 or Uncharted 2 were mentioned for the PS3... Microsft won because they showed everyone what they wanted to see and more Nintendo FAILED because they didnt show a Zelda game Sony was average at best because they left out their 2/3 biggest games in Uncharted 2 and God of war 3... the 2 games EVERYONE wanted to see... they are Sony's versions of Alan Wake and Splinter Cell in terms of E3 hype

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@lucasbadong are you serious? Microsoft blew everyone away and most of their big games shown were EXCLUSIVES.... Splinter Cell, Crackdown 2, Forza 3, Milo, Alan wake, Shadow Complex... IMO, Nintendo sucked.. as usual Sony was a let down since they were suppose to blow everone out of the water Microsoft was GREAT since nobody was expecting that much from them... they WOWed people.

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I thought the sony conference was the best. How can microsoft have the best conference? Sure they showed a lot of multiplat games but... THERE MULTIPLAT!!! were all gonna get em! And that Natal thing is not gonna be that great, and the price tag isnt gonna be that great either. I would like it if you could push that dumb kid in the water.

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nintendo won

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I mean has nintendo ever won at this?

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Come on nintendo!Danm.

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Nintendo really has to step up more at these conventions.

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Some cool nintendo games but anyone else notice Sony ripped off Microsoft on the conference?

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Sony got a gold medal Nintendo got a silver medal and Microsoft got a bronze medal with a turd wrapped around it

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Nintendo failed yet again. :P

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holy @$#% the sensor thing were it shows the picture is amazing

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boom 360 is the best console ha la

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both Microsoft and Sony put forward a good show this year (Nintendo failed to impress as usual) i would personally put Microsoft only a little bit ahead, im an xbox fan but not a fan boy that just disregards all other consoles, so its Microsoft for me but i will be visiting my friends to get some play time with some of the ps3 exclusives

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hell yea metalgear solid rising and crackdown 2 thank you god!!

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why is gamespot loving xbox more

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cant wait :D

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oh sorry for playing without controller is from microsoft or what?

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microsoft win yeah but what the hell? playing without controller from sony is it real or that just to make the public curious?

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God of war 3 wasn't even mentioned for PS3, neither was uncharted 2 and literaly no PSP games were mentioned. Im outraged! Gamespot workers are one sided. They even said that micrsoft was the "clear" winner. At least we can all agree that nintendo was a failure. NO ZELDA Wii !!!! Shame nintendo! shame!

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I hoped nintendo would win, but microsoft had a very good show compared to them..

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microsoft won as usually.

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Sony owned this. MGS Rising (PS3), PSP Go, MGS Peace Walker, Uncharted 2, RE Portable, GT for PSP,Little Big Planet PSP, MAG, Mod Nation Racing, New Motion Controllers, and God Of War 3.

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All of the credit for the motion camera belongs to ps2 and nintendo wii. The wii of coarse had the big point with the remote and swing and ps2 had the same idea LAST GENERATION! the bottom line, motion control isnt a new idea will someone please be creative!

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that's right! Go Xbox!

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Everyone has a right to their opinion, and of course there'll allways be fanboys... but you got to admit that MS came prepared this time and had a lot to offer. Of course, the other two did too, but MS really came on top. And you're forgettin' one thing... Sony may have the PSP, and Nintendo the DS, but Microsoft has the PC and Games for Windows! :-) And if a game like Alan Wake comes out for Windows and the Xbox360, then you could say that it's a Microsoft exclusive. :-)

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Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank and PSP Go!

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Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank and PSP Go!

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Metroid: Other M. Enough said.

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this xbox camera thing looks really advanced...a little too advanced...i don't think it works the way it's presented in the video...we may have another shamwow on our hands

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sony owned e3 yet all of the big three rocked it out ms had a very strong showing as well

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Nintendo beasts everything else.

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wtf this xbox camera will never work, it wasn't demonstrated live and besides ,look what happened to your in the movies, and splinter cell is not an xbox exclusive and neither is mgs rising or beatles rock band. its unfair, microsoft have more money. forza 3 doesnt look as good as gt5. nintendos conference was good, if slightly predictable. i missed super mario galaxy first time around so im looking forward to a sequel.

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Honestly, all you natal fans have fun waiting two years before you see your precious motion sensing camera. You might as well get more excited about the next xbox cause it ain't gonna come out forever.

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microsoft got the best new software/new control but nintendo anounced sum awesum games so sony had the worst confrence