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Its looks like the sort of game that's fun to watch but boring to play.

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If you don't mind bad everything, this game is write up your path.

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If you ignore the shot out graphics, horrible AI, non existent physics, the lame um... missions?, the incredibly bad control and the general fact it looks like this game was made by someone with Down's Syndrome,then you could almost say its really not the worst game

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Yeah, this game actually entertains me.

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My favorite game! I love russian developers!

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One of the best games ever made.

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Oh God!

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it seems to me is that the only fun you will EVER get out of this game is watching how much it fails.

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I have to admit, that music is pretty catchy. :lol:

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omg lol when he tried to go over the bridge, this game is disgraceful.

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lol i want this

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I played this game once. I think i died, but then i realized that my big rig can drive up 90 degree cliffs! And I can break the sound barrier driving backwards! Who knew that redneck truckers could do so much

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is this even a game?

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my eyes they burn

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BEST GAME EVER! Better than the NFS series. XD

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this game is pure win

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this game still sucks even thogh its 2003 any and every thing is beter than this

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Truth be told, for a 2003 game the AI is pretty decent , shame about the gameplay though.

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notice the truck's tail lights are floating on nothing.

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Yeah, a pretty poor game the graphics and sound is acceptable but the glitches are just bad, I have played worse games, but this is pretty bad, without the gltiches this game would be pretty fair. mcjakeqcool

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Holy ****! I want this game!

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This game... IS WINNER!

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this game doesnt deserve anything above a 0.1

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one hell of a ride

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You're Winner! I only watched the 3 gameplay movies and I feel like I have been playing the game for 9 days that I could have been grating my face with some concrete. Luckily only precious braincells have actually suffered. Thanks for the sacrifice.

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This game has 1.0 because you can go outside the map? On a sidenote: Pure is pure awesomeness!

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its the same part again and again.

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You have to give the music 1% credit. I did like one part of it.