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Why was MGS1 & 2 skipped?

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@Gatchan2:Its Big Boss Biography. He is not in MGS1 or MGS2. Solid snake is not Big Boss.

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Big Boss was never truly a villain, he just did what he has always done. Fighting. For him his life was the battlefield, so I guess he did what he loved for a lot of it although he admits he died the min he shot the boss. (Also the whole sending snake to kill his best man in mg1 and hoping snake would die, was a wee bit shady). But on the whole I'd say Solid, Miller and Ocelot have it even worse.

Liquid kind of had a good run, sort of.

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Man, I remember when Big Boss died at the end of MGS4, I think it was the only time a video game made me cry.

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@helderhp said:

Man, I remember when Big Boss died at the end of MGS4, I think it was the only time a video game made me cry.

I cringed at that whole stupid drawn out melodramatic scene. so many times it looked like he was gonna die.....then he would start talking again....then it looked like it was he gonna die.....then he'd speak AGAIN....lol I was like "wtf hurry up and die damn it

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@Gatchan2: Same, that scene really didn't need to be used, And the f**king audacity of Big Boss astounds me!

In my mind f**k him! Solid Snake was at the Arlington Cemetery to visit the grave of Gray Fox. next thing this prick just pops in with some wheelchair bound comatose old coot spouting bullshit that makes me sick XD

I played MG1 & MG2, That prick brought an RPG to a boss battle and the 2nd time we fought I lit his ass up like the 4th of July with a Lynx can!

I have no time for crazy ass ex soldiers who whine about the government and nanites far more than they ought.

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The Big Boss' story is sad.

I just strated to play the whole series. There is MGS HD Collection for PS3 that contains MGS3, Peace Walker and MGS2, even the very old ones, but without Portable Ops and other small titles. Even thought these games have imperfections, they are great games worth playing. And the story is just amazing!

Great game series!

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@hendrix1257: What about Solid???

He got the shit end of the stick constantly, I seriously hoped he'd head butt Big Boss at the end of MGS4 for being used as a pawn in his sick game with Zero.

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Okay but what about Venom Snake ?


The medic on the helicopter protected big boss, and before he woke up from the coma, the medic went through plastic surgery and is brainwashed into thinking he is big boss, he is considered to be, "The Phantom of Big Boss", also known as, "Ahab", and the other guy, "Ishmael" is the real big boss. Ahab/Venom/Medic/Phantom is the one Solid kills in MG1 on the MSX The real big boss, Ishmael/Naked/John"Jack" is the guy who shows up at the end of MGS4

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@senpaiarisu: His history is yours!

He's supposed to be you, Nice BS again Mr Kojima I was born in 1990!

I really never thought MGS would resort to that Master Chief/Gordon Freeman practically voiceless "your the character BS" I was more than slightly disappointed!

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A remake of all the other MGS's for current ten would be awesome

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I would love to play the first Metal Gear remade for this generation.. And I mean the first one, made for the MSX2, where you play as Solid Snake against Big Boss. That would be a great game if made with current technologies.

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@arlonborges: Have you ever played MG2?

That really doesn't need remaking, Its a wonderful little game, But I agree MG1 kinda sucks.

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@redeemer6666: I played both. What I meant when I said I wanted to play them remade is because I think the story is great, and since my favorite character in the whole saga is Solid Snake, followed by Big Boss (I still didn't finished TPP, so this can change), I would love to play as Solid against Big Boss with the current technologies. Like it would be awesome to play MGS1 the same way, because even being a great game, that style of camera and gameplay hasn't aged very well. But, the story on MGS1 to me is one of the best in the whole saga.

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@arlonborges: I've finished TPP and tbh honest I'm not spoiling anything here, But trust me when I say your opinion on Solid Snake is not going to change, This game really makes Big Boss look like a douche!

Solid was always my faviorate anyway lol

But I'm totally against what I think you want the MG remakes to be.

I'd much much prefer they played like the classic tittles, MGS 1-3 to be precise.

Its gotta have the soliton radar, Health bar and rations, The old item windows, And the old shooting mechanics,

This 3rd person shooting cam makes the game so damn easy its not even funny. Keep the newer mechanics of sneaking though because that's the best part of TPP!

The HD version of Snake Eater is perfect in regards to camera control imo

It should be made as a HD cinematic experience but in the vein of classic Metal Gear, These latest entrys have deviated from what it trualy is :D

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This is the way to sum the story up. Well done.

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Superb video, Metal Gear is a special series.

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There is a ton more games to be made for this series. Koj needs to realize this needs to keep going. There needs to be story about raiden as a child soldier and solidus killing his family. or more about young solidus and president sears solidus. much more needs to be told. also the fisrt games need to be redone in HD. so everyone can realize the what the phantom pain really means

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@metalhead451: nah

Konami wont use Kojima again so MGS is dead without him. Some series just need to know when to die.

Kojima wanted to end the series at MGS2

Then MGS3

then finally MGS4

Konai just kept dragging him back. Which is unfortunate because it'd have been nice to see him try new things.

At the most, a combined remake of MG1 & 2 would be it. But if its not with Kojima then screw it. ITS OVER

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@metalhead451: what game could there be for raiden? You play as a child soldier? You play as big boss and kill his family? There's nothing to really do there

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@kevinbeteta It doesnt need to be one year or months of a game story. It could be 2 decades of life during the events in these games all the way to mgs4. Play as raiden in the shadows protecting snake. start out as child soldier. Find out the actual end of solid snake while you protect him from outside threats ETC. Also the mission of recovering the body he thought was big boss but was actually solidus. There is tons that can be done. The story of vamp and deadcell could go along. many many ideas i have for new games. Solid snake could have a final end of life story. have tie die snake all happy and hippy. riding around on a metal gear rex. gets caught up in something and turned into a cyborg ninja that only has a week to live... LOL

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@metalhead451: If Metal Gear Solid would continue. They should just do a gap. 5-10 years after the most modern part of the MGS series(I know Phantom Pain is like in the middle).

But it's Konami so it won't happen.

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@aeluron1989: But what is there to continue? Solid is dead; liquid is dead; solidus is dead, big boss is dead; ocelot, eva, zero, all dead. What is there for the 5-10 years gap after the "most" modern part ??

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@scarlloty: Grey Fox.............lives!

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@Tricked03Hemi: Nah spin off explaining his escape from Dr Clark's lab.

Betting that Lab be filled with some fucked up cyber monsters!

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@aeluron1989:How about the story of the boss? That story would be wild! She was intense and whooped up on snake.. the sorrow is also a very big part of the whole story, but has never been as involved as much as i would have liked. I bet they could show how gnarly the boss was like bayonetta style. MGSV really shows how great earlier years can be made with current gen systems. Walker gears are a nice touch. i think that in the bosses era there could be a different system to exploit like CQC to the max! no weapons against weapons. tons of stealth only type missions since your only using a knife...

There is more much more not just what im saying but tons of story to be told from many different years and sides. Venom snake is a great addition i think there can be many more great additions.

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After finding out the truth this story got better. Not what this dude said...

You will find out how awesome this story is. ITS WORTH IT!

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This needs a manga, or an ova, or even a movie series.

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Sokolov didn't die in Snake Eater and was in San Hieronymo event.
Zanzibar in MG2 was located in Central Asia instead of Tanzania in real life.

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This was actually way more helpful than the YouTube videos I found.

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Man, that's pretty fu**ed up right there! !!

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Seems like big boss was more like liquid and solidus than solid snake like how at end of mgs4 he looks more like solidus

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@deseo1990: You're spot on. Solidus was a direct clone, Liquid was engineered to get all the genes that made Big Boss great, while Solid was sort of the trash can that took all the lesser genes.

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@NoFear87: yea solid snake was always the under dog thats what made his legend great it sucks for then cus of that agin fast thing they need to clone solid snake now lol

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@deseo1990: Parasites and Nano's, Son.

All a healthy growing Snake needs to return to youth XD

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Great vid! Didn't know all of this about Big Boss

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GameSpot your video player is SOOOOO terrible!!!

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Awesome video, thanks for that! I hate how convoluted this entire story line has gotten. Hopefully someone does a full one some day.

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The full story?

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That's a big cigarette.

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@Nickolai1979: lol i was thinking the same thing

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Wow. Big Boss was used as nothing more than a weapon. Even as a great soldier he was being used. At least he gets one last smoke with his son whom destroyed his plans....twice.

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@mi_hung_lo: Epic ending bro epic ending!

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It seems odd that no-one ever mentions the story they tell in MGS3 of The Boss giving birth to a child in the middle of a battlefield in WWII. I felt they were implying strongly that Snake was her son.

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@el_swanno: To add on to what the other folks have been saying, Ocelot is the son of The Boss and The Sorrow. Big Boss' parents are unknown.

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@el_swanno: it is well known ocelot was her son

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@jophy: I must have missed that bit. I have finished MGS3 at least twice and don't recall that being mentioned. I'm sure you can understand my confusion given the very obvious snake-like scar on her belly that slithers away when she dies

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@el_swanno: ocelot is her son

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