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i want black ops to win that game is the best but i know SMG2 will win but i didn't like smg2 because it wasn't new to me i was exactly them same as the first and it was shorter than the first i was as least it felt that way anyway black ops should totally win because this is seriously the best game on the wii right i mean i would take kirdy out and put monster hunter tri in this cuz that game is epic as well

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SMG2 will be game of the year in my my mind. :D

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Were is monster hunter !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Goriza Since you play Xbox and rarely even pay attention to Nintendo, they're making the 3DS. Like you'd care anyway, since you only play Xbox. :P

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Call Of Duty Black Ops........ -_-

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where is goldeneye?

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oh Wii no! why dont they make another video game wii is so boring

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I'm for Kirby's Epic Yarn. :)

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super mario galaxy 2

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Why isn't MH Tri on the list? That game's pretty flawless.

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Monster Hunter Tri should be on the list. Now thats how you do online multiplayer on the Wii

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Black Ops should be replaced with No More Heroes 2.

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SMG2 is a shoe-in, but I'm glad Sin & Punishment got a nod.

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Kirby's Epic Yarn or Super Mario Galaxy 2. Alternately, anything but Black Ops.

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yay some vids are up!!!!

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SMG 2 FTW!!! :D

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There's no doubt that SMG 2 will win Best Wii Game