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This game looks amazing, I think I am going to pick it up

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Glad to see Kirby beat out Red Dead Redemption.

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Q palhacada

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Sophia Tong just loves this game.

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This game is probably one of the best games made for Wii. My first system was an NES and I am def a fangirl!

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Gamespot made the right choice here. I have Kirby's Epic Yarn, and one of the biggest reasons I played through it completely was to appreciate the awesome design.

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is prety just this , 4 playstation 2 but not 4 win over so many titles that taked hundreds of hours to put together on xbox360 or ps3 , shame !

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Completely deserves it, congrats Good-Feel, you did a superb job. Look forward to seeing more yarn creations in the future.

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Gamespot has made the right choice on this one, I think.

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Yay Kirby :D

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It never could have been anything else. Realistic recreations? Who cares! If I want realism I'll take a walk and soak in the scenery. It takes ingenuity to do something creative like Kirby.

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Kirby's Epic Yarn deserved this award.